Why The Democrats Are The Party Of SLAVERY And VICTIMIZATION – ZoNation


Take The Time To Watch This! Hat Tip The Right Scoop




  1. I’ve heard a number of this man’s videos and he is truly a breath of fresh air. He tells the truth in a hard to argue style with historical perspective. Racism is and has always been the modus operandi of the Democrats. Every anti-black agenda and program since the early days of the demonic democratic party is owned by them 100%! Many blacks are conservative, Martin Luther Kings granddaughter for example. The democratic party is in reality, the communist party. They are criminal, they are evil and they are unrepentant bigots! Zo is spot on and is not afraid to tell it like it really is. Oh, and I hate to break it to you, the white house is no occupied by a black man, it’s occupied by a muslim, who is pretending to be black assisted by a black only teleprompter, while selling out our nation, including blacks, to muslim extremists and terrorists on our nickel. It’s called treason and sedition which calls for capital punishment, not golf, multi-million dollar vacations, pandering for dollars and engaging in an outrageous number of extra-constitutional executive orders in complete violation of the office he illegally soils with his presence! Over 700 direct oath breaking constitutional violations to date and growing, none of which are binding as he was never legitimate nor unequivocally proved such, via a required vetting process that the donkeys never engaged in! What they did engage in was fraud, deceit, illegal election tampering, massive voter fraud via rigged voting machines and on and on!

  2. Give him enough time and this message will resonate with black and white liberals. If he lives long enough! Sharptongue probably has him on a hit list. Gonna put him out of business. I’d pay to go listen to this guy speak. Makes sense, no matter what race you are.

    • Mike,
      You are right…. I’ve listened to Zonation many times… He’s now with P.J. Media…. He knows what he is talking about…. Most Blacks, and many Whites will never listen, mainly because they really don’t want to hear the truth…….Besides that, they dig the freebies.

  3. Wow! ….You, sir, are a credit to all people in this nation, and it is a voice such as yours I would be proud to elect to represent me. You have just said all the things I’ve been saying, and a lot of us have been saying for the last 30-40 years, and I’m not a black man. I am a white man, but beyond that, ….I’m just a man, an American man, the man any man can be in this country if he just takes the time to figure out who is using who and do those things you know to be right and true instead of letting those you think you can trust lead you down all the wrong paths with all their temptations, empty words and promises, and all of the “hope and change” crap behind this latest move to make a victim out of everyone and get your vote. You said it like it needs to be said, and I thank and congratulate you.

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