Bold Move: Watch Ted Cruz Get Booed For Taking A Stand And Defending Israel


WAY TO GO CRUZ! Well Done!




  1. I compare Teds reaction to Obummers. Ted showed no anger, he let them know he disagreed with them by walking away. Shaking the very dust from his shoes as a testimony against them. Obummer on the other hand would have seized the moment and would have whipped them into an angry mob. Ready to skin every Jew alive.
    What I couldn’t figure out was exactly where Ted was. What was the purpose of his speech?
    We are living in the last days. My fellow Christians, it’s getting gloriously dark. Time to go home!

      It’s pretty obvious that many people at that “so called” Christian are christians in lip service only, obviously clueless to what the Bibles says. Everything Ted said was absolutely true, to be Christian means to be Christ like.
      I’ll even take it to the next level….
      All hypocrites, pretenders please, GET OUT OF THE PULPITS, quit leading people to hell!!!
      Read John chapter 3 YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN, nothing in there about you must be religious.

  2. we must stand up for the Jews! they are GOD’S chosen people we are to help them & to treat them with love, respect! they deserve it! if we don’t give them our best & prayers GOD will Judge us! they are just trying to servive! look at what stupid hitler did to them- they never hurt anyone! i love my Jewish brothers & sisters- i am a Christian.

    • Ys, the Jews and the true Christians are Brothers and sisters and we will stand together. I am Jewish and thank all the real Christians for the support and help.
      God bless you

      • Sir that is all too true and that is the reason our country is in the position it is in now, because we have a Muslim in the white house. He will not do what he said in the speech when he said we will destroy ISIS. He did not mean what he said when he said we will find those responsible and bring them to justice. One was finally arrested and has never been to trial. The shoe bomber should be executed as a traitor or worse. The underwear bomber is still alive. The Major who killed 12 or so and wounded many, many more is still alive. he was shouting praise to Allah as he fired at the soldiers. I believe he has requested to ISIS to be able to join their forces and he is in prison. The president declared those shootings as work place violence so the families of the dead and the wounded themselves would not be able to be compensated.
        He traded 5 murders in GITMO for 1 traitor. Did anyone other than myself find it strange that the traitors father was praising Allah and is a Muslim.
        The fact that the college students want to boo someone who speaks about Israel and Christianity makes it obvious that they are being fed a bunch of liberal BS. I don’t care what religion you are, if any at all, that does not give you the right to hate someone because of their beliefs. The radical Muslims believe that if you do not believe what they do, they are suppose to kill you. They believe that if they sacrifice their life to kill the infidels they will go to heaven and receive a number of virgins. I suppose heaven is the only place they can find the virgins. What does that tell you about what they believe? They will receive a number of virgins, and what o the virgins get?

  3. I stand with Israel, Ted Cruz, God bless every patriot in America. God bless you GOOD AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    • ELBA,,, Thank you for being a God fearing man, Thank you for standing with Israel and thank you for standing with the American People. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY………………..

  4. Judy, Judy you poor, sick, nincompoop….defending over 17 perverse, disgusting, radical terrorist organizations in the Middle East all with the same goal – – Islamo-Fascism! You are a classic example of BRAINWASHING! Ignoring the facts that over 25,000 missiles have been fired at Israel towns (and schools – – murdering women & children), hundreds of terrorist attacks, kidnappings, suicide bombings (some by brainwashed muslim children) all by what you believe, in your total ignorance, by A PEACEFUL RELIGION! It may not be too late for you? – – – stop the Xanex & Crack Cocaine and seek mental health experts ASAP!

    • I truly doubt that they are paid people to heckle. The colleges now and for the past 30 years have been brainwashing the students to have them lean to the extreme left.
      People, especially young people are always easy to get to follow something that is different from the normal. It doesn’t have to be right or I should say correct, it just has to appeal to their rebellious side.
      Hitler was a painter and I don’t mean artist, he painted buildings., yet he was able to sway millions of people and he convinced them they should be against everyone other than the true Germans with blonde hair and blue eyes. However as far as I can tell he did not have blonde hair himself. People love to raise hell.

  5. God Bless Senator Ted Cruz. Thank all of you who have showed your support for the sentor and Isreal. God will smile on our support and curse those who do not..

  6. well the ones that were booing are the ones who will be slaughtered by obama and isis. we will see how they cry for protection when there heads are on the line

  7. I would boo him too. Israel is a terrorist state that has been killing Palestinians since 1948. They are responsible for a multitude of false flags. It is an apartheid colonial state… and has brought suffering to the whole world. It’s too bad that Zionist shills like Cruz have to kiss Israel’s butt in order to be electable.

    • Judy, you need to have your head examined! The Palestinians are the ones that started the conflict and killing, NOT THE JEWS. Check your history girl (IF THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE). Why don’t you crawl back under the rock you came from?

    • Judy, you are obviously walking around with your head in a very dark place. Come into the light and actually see what is happening and stop spewing out the Marxist propaganda word for word. Israel has a right to defend itself. It truly amazes me that people like you thing that a country as small as Israel (8 million plus people) is such a threat to all of the Arab States that surround them. If you too seek the total destruction of Israel than I put you in the basket as those terrorists because you are truly a basket case and can not think for yourself.

    • Judy, you haven’t a clue what your are talking about. The Palestinians have been attacking Israel for years. Israel has every right to protect herself and her people. That land was not given to Palestine, it was promised to the Jews thousands of years ago. The Jewish people gave free medical attention to the Palestinians who were sick and those who were wounded in battle were given the best medical treatment and what did the Jewish people get in return? They were spit on. The Palestinians hide behind their women and use their own children as shields. They strap bombs on their women and children so they can murder innocent men, women and children. I doubt if you have ever read the bible, but the Jewish people are Gods chosen and any nation that tries to destroy Israel will face God.

    • Judy, where do you get your information from? Even some Liberal (communist) supporting do not say these lies! It is sad you feel this way as you are fully and totally wrong and lack knowledge!

    • Judy, I am sorry to see that some people are so misinformed. Evidently you have been exposed to some very good Muslim propaganda. You have to read about what actually happened in 1948 and in 1998 and in 2004. If anyone is to blame for the Palestinians it is the Arab states in the surrounding region. Palestinians are actually refugees. Hamas and Hezbollah have been spreading misinformation and hate for decades. Unfortunately there are people like you who are dumber than bricks and easily persuaded by propaganda. Unfortunately the Constitution does not require that a citizen has a brain to vote. It really did a number on us in 2008 and 2012. I hope intelligence wins out in 2016.

      • Poor Judy, is she really naïve or does she choose to be “blinded by the evil one” who is the “father of all lies”?
        Judy simply needs to be educated on the truth about the Middle East propaganda. The Arab states never wanted the Palestinians….they kicked them out and Israel had compassion on them and allowed them to settle on Jewish land. The Palestinians are being used by the Arab states as their stooges.
        We need to pray for Judy, and show her God’s mercy and Grace, not condemn her.
        If she does not want the truth, then she chooses her own “condemnation”.

        Let’s prayer for God’s mercy to give us God-fearing men/women as leaders in our great Nation. Remember it is He “who sets up Kingdoms and deposes them.” And He gives us a “free will”; He will give to America what the majority of the Americans demand…………….just like the Israelites of old who “wanted a king” and rejected God’s Prophets.
        We, who are in Christ have nothing to fear……….He is our Protector, etc.etc.

    • Even the UN which usually does and says whatever the US and Israel want them to say declared that Israel committed war crimes on Gaza. I guess they just don’t like the idea of the IDF bombing UN schools and shelters. They should have just stuck to targeting children playing on the beach, and getting rid of those mosques and hospitals.

  8. That was a great way to handle the situation — what he said as he left the stage. The people that were booing were probably brought in to disrupt the proceedings.

  9. Is Mr Cruze a bonifide qualifide Candidate for President ? will he produce his Birth Certificate? SSN? Draft Card?

  10. Cruz 4Prez
    Cruz agrees with me.
    If GOP does not nominate him for Prez I will write in his name .

  11. Bravo, Sen. Cruz! Just like when you filibustered and tried to get the disaster that is Obamacare stopped, you again showed the courage of your convictions when speaking out for and standing up for Israel. Well done! The jerks who booed you are ignorant of the Bible; God tells us to defend Israel and whoever doesn’t will be judged harshly. Ignore them, Sen. They haven’t a clue. True Christians are very proud of you, and so is God. Once again, very well done, sir!

  12. Ted Cruz is a good man. He is not the type of man that should be booed by anyone. Ted Cruz for President.

  13. The bottem feeders think that by BOOING someone who PITY’S them will make their life better are the ones that Obama will throw under the bus first. those of you that grew up in the Mafia controled citys should be aware of what it is like to Zip your lips and do what you are told. What is comeing is 100 times worse than how the Mafia has dealt with those that did not kneel to them. You asked for it not once but twice so go for it.

    ANDONAI bless Ted Cruz YOU will prosper My brother


    • I agree with you ! Ted Cruz is a true Christian man. I would love to see him as our President. Yes, Obama is a devil…. and so is George Soros and Valerie Jarrett who tell Obama every move to make. Obama didn’t write his autobiography: William Ayers did !!! Obama has only lied to the American people. He is a liar, a fraud, a traitor, a deceiver and a destroyer. Those are the same characteristics as SATAN!!!!
      I am ashamed that those people booed Ted Cruz. He did the right thing by leaving the stage. Those people that booed him will one day regret their actions !! They will one day know that he was telling them the truth.
      Let’s give our Christian support to Ted Cruz.

  16. Is Ted Cruz running for President of the United States or Israel? Through our Foreign Aid policy we give Israel Billions and Billions on a yearly basis since 1947, plus Military equipment and supplies.
    For their constant disobedience and evil ways, God, in His final reprimand to the Jews, took away His promised land and told them that they and their generations to follow will wander the world without a land of their own. Read the Old Testament—
    God did not restore Israel, it was the United States, with Billions in Financial aid, and military help, that did…. and recently, they have asked for another 225 Million, while our own nation operates in deficit spending. Where is the logic in this?
    And also, where is the logic in permitting illegal immigrants pouring into the country, creating more Billions in deficit spending, while our own soldiers suffer with the poor and the little children,
    Wake up America! The shackles which have been placed on us and generations to follow, will not be knocked off–but remain on us long, and will be made heavier and heavier, till all our rights and freedoms expire, or we wake up to revive our own nation.

    • Amelia, You need to read the Bible. It says that those who do not stand with Israel will feel the wrath of God. Yes, it does say that. You need to go read Matthew and Revelation.
      Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle Eastern part of the world. They are surrounded by Muslim/Arab countries. We must honor our ally, Israel. They need us and we need them !!

      • Jesus Christ was a Jew. The Jewish people are His people and His alone. He has said in His Word, “I will bless those who bless Israel and I will curse those who curse Israel”……it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if you want be in good standing with the Lord… not…..I repeat….do not speak evil against the children of Israel. The Bible also admonishes us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In the end, you will see how much He loves His people and you will also see what He will do to Israel’s enemies. Praise God for the power in His Word.

    • We will never have a friend to stand by us as Israel it’s not for the billions we give them as you say. They are Gods people and God use to be with us until this country has turned their back on him. Until we humble ourselves and ask him to forgive us this country will never be the same.

    • We must not be serving the same God, as we are to support, and stand by Israel. Israel should be able to defend itself. There is no such thing as Palestine and those people belong in Jordan.

    • Amelia,
      Israel doesn’t indiscriminately place their children in harms way and hide behind them, nor launch thousands of missiles from hospitals, schools and mosques into civilian populations. Israel doesn’t strap bombs onto children and send them into Israel to board busses full of women and children and murder them. Israel is an ally of America, the only one we have in the Middle East, surrounded by hundreds of millions of murders whose only reason for living , is to drive them into the sea. The Jews are God’s chosen people, get it and among the most technologically and militarily advanced societies in the world. The could, if they were as terrible as you make them our to be, wipe out the entire Middle East and in fact the world if they so desired.
      Islam is not a religion, it is a giant cult founded by a murderer, pedophile and war lord who respects no other people’s beliefs. The koran is a military manual and Islam the spawn of satan! So get over your BS, Islam is intolerant of every other belief system in the world. We’ve trained with the IDF on many occasions and they are no one to mess with. Our special OPS has nothing but the highest regard for the IDF, they are simply brilliant and tough as nails! Israel has a biblical right to that small parcel of land they occupy, it was always their holy land. The Palestinians on the other hand, a made up population of the religion of hate from most of the countries in the Middle East, were put there to drive Israel into the sea. Palestine was in fact an ancient Israeli settlement and Jerusalem their ancestral home and that of Jesus. The rag heads, as we American war fighters refer to them and still do, are nothing but terrorists and the supporters of terrorism. Keep screwing with Israel and deal with the wrath of GOD!

  17. Ted Cruz, thank you for standing up for Israel who has been our friend for so long. I will stand with Ted for he is a True American, those who don’t stand with America are enemy’s of America, I Do Not Stand with You. Those who stand with those who kill Christians, and Women and Children, are enemy’s, and need to be wiped off the face of the earth. Protect America, and GOD BLESS AMERICA. I Stand With GOD. I Stand With AMERICA, FREEDOM, THE UNITED STATES.

  18. Bless Israel, and the Lord will bless you, curse Israel, and the Lord will curse you. The hebrews are the Lords chosen pepole After the Lord Jesus came, and died on the Cross sheding his blood to save not only the hebrews, but also the Gentiles, the Gentiles inherited the same promises as the Hebrews. We as Gentiles became the Lords Children when we have accepted Jesus as our Savior. I can certainly agree with Ted Cruz.To deny Israel, the Lords chosen people, is to also deny the Lord. If you deny the Lord, or deny the Lord Jesus , before men, then he will deny you when the book of life is opened. Many who believe they are Christans, read
    Matthew Chapter 7, vrses 13 “Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.
    Verse 14, Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadith to unto life , and few there be that find it
    then read verse 22, and 23. Only you know which group you are in.

  19. Thank GOD for a man that has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to theses so called (Christians). I think he handled it with a remarkable calm that only the Holy Spirit can provide. Let this be a warning to our nation. We are infested with these so called Christians that are really not Christians at all. GOD bless Ted Cruz.

  20. I want to thank you Senator Ted Cruz for standing up for the Jews you are a true American. It is my wish that every American will stand up and defend the Jews. They are Gods people. Every one that booed will spend eternity in hell.

  21. I stand with Mr Cruz. About time we recognize as Christians that we need to stand with and support the Jewish nation. We are all Christians and loved by God. The Lord teaches love and to abandon the Jews in their time of need is a terrible thing that will come back to haunt us. I applaud Mr. Cruz for telling the group like it is and walking off the stage.

  22. Even though this was a Christian Event, there evidently were several in attendance who professed to being Christians but weren’t. I support what Ted Cruz said and what he did 100%.

  23. That is exactly what this country so desperately needs, a Christian man who will do the will of the Father. Pray for him, I will be.

  24. Those who booed Ted Cruz are a big part of the problem in the Mideast. They support genocide and are the enemy of not just Christians and Jews, but of all civilized people. They are the evil that pervades that part of the world and spreads their evil everywhere. Good for Ted Cruz for what he said in reply for the preposterous response from this despicable audience.

  25. Way to go Mr. Ted Cruz for standing for Israel. Personally I know the Jews in America are Mr. Obama and want Israel to disappear. Israel was and still is the nation to watch when it comes to World Politics.

  26. Good for Ted Cruz. He stood up for Israel but our president has it. Ted Cruz just went up 10 points in my estimation and those that are simply the scum of the earth. Israel has always been around life and we’ve always been there is except for the Obama administration. They fight to survive and anyone in their right mind would do the same. Got even gives us rules in the Bible that we should stand up and fight for Israel

    Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza
    JERUSALEM Thu Sep 11, 2014 7:46am EDTShare

    A Palestinian boy holds his sister near the ruins of their family’s house, which witnesses said was destroyed during the Israeli offensive, in the east of Gaza City September 10, 2014.
    World »
    Israel »
    (Reuters) – Human Rights Watch accused Israel of committing war crimes by attacking three U.N.-run schools in the Gaza Strip in fighting in July and August, killing Palestinian civilians who had sheltered there.

    The New York-based group issued a report on Thursday that it described as the first in-depth documentation of the incidents, which took place during a 50-day conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants that ended in a ceasefire on Aug. 26.

    “Three Israeli attacks that damaged Gaza schools housing displaced people caused numerous civilian casualties in violation of the laws of war,” it said in the report, based on interviews with witnesses and field research in the Hamas Islamist-dominated enclave.

    Israeli government and military spokesmen declined immediate comment. But during the Gaza fighting, Israel rejected preliminary Human Rights Watch findings it committed war crimes and said the group should focus on Hamas putting Palestinian civilians in harm’s way by using residential areas as launching points for attacks and for weapons storage.

    On Thursday, Human Rights Watch also said it was skeptical about the credibility of five criminal investigations announced by Israel’s military on Wednesday into its Gaza war operations.

    The organization said 45 people, including 17 children, were killed in or near the “well-marked schools” in the strikes on July 24 in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, on July 30 in Jabalya refugee camp and on Aug. 3 in Rafah, in the south of the enclave.

    It said its inspection of the Beit Hanoun site and photographs of munitions remnants suggested Israel fired mortars at the school, killing 13 people.

    The Israeli military said at the time the school was hit by errant fire and the area around the facility had been used by Palestinian fighters to launch rockets.

    In the Jabalya attack, Human Rights Watch said, Israeli artillery shells killed 20 people at the school. The military said its troops had come under mortar fire from fighters in the vicinity of the building and had shot back.

    Twelve people were killed at the school in Rafah, Human Rights Watch said, and an impact crater and fragments “strongly suggested” a Spike missile had been fired by an Israeli aircraft. The military said shortly after the incident that it had targeted three militants on a motorcycle near the school.


    Human Rights Watch, which called in its report for “all parties in the armed conflict in Gaza” to take measures to minimize harm to civilians, said the attacks on the Beit Hanoun and Jabalya schools “did not appear to target a military objective or were otherwise indiscriminate”, while the third strike, in Rafah, was “unlawfully disproportionate”.

    On its website, the group noted that Israel had opened five criminal probes, including one into the Beit Hanoun incident.

    But it said: “Israel has a long record of failing to undertake credible investigations into alleged war crimes.”

    Israel’s military said on Wednesday it hoped to obtain testimony from Palestinian witnesses with the help of international organizations operating in the Gaza Strip.

    The military investigations could help Israel challenge the work of a U.N. Human Rights Council commission of inquiry into possible war crimes committed by both sides in the fighting.

    Israel has long accused the 47-member state council of being biased against it and says Hamas militants, who launched rocket attacks on Israeli towns from residential neighborhoods, bear ultimate responsibility for Palestinian civilian casualties.

    More than 2,100 Palestinians, most of them civilians, were killed in seven weeks of fighting, according to the Gaza health ministry. Sixty-seven Israeli soldiers and six civilians in Israel were killed.

    Israel launched its Gaza offensive on July 8 with the declared aim of halting the cross-border rocket salvoes by Hamas.

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    • Civilians were killed because the hamas fighters put them in harms way. Dont blame Israel, they should not have voted in a terrorist leader who gives way to hamas and supports their every move. Shame on hamas for putting women and children in front of their way to be killed, that is cowardice.

  28. Ted Cruz did exactly the right thing by asking this group to stand with him in support of Israel. Since they booed that idea he told them if they would not stand with him he would not stand with them. I totally support his position. And yes I totally support Ted Cruz as a very viable candidate for president of the United States in 2016. The Liberal mainstream media will now try to crucify and destroy him as is their usual approach whenever the feel a credible threat to their dishonest Democratic Party.

    • This negative attitude of anti – Christ has become the norm in the last 5 years created by bo & his muslim , islam. commie regime to destroy U.S. Citizens Constitutional Rights..! These negative attacks are aimed at his own whims & ways for creation of a totalitarian dictatorship of a muslim dictatorship from hell …! This liberal created B.S. is the continued assault against Freedom of religion & destruction of The U.S. Constitution ..! These tyrants have to be stopped now to keep the U.S. Freedom & Rights…! STOP the treason …!

    • You are exactly right.. So we must give our best support to Senator Ted Cruz. I believe that many Americans will vote for him because of the horrible things Obama has done to our country. Thank you for your support. Spread the word.. We are with God and Ted Cruz. Carolyn Murdock

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