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Watching This Reminds Us Of A Time When Paul Ryan Actually Stood For Conservative Principles

He calls out Obama, saying Obama's trying to divide our country to distract from failed record.

Does This CNN Reporter NOT Understand Obamacare? Sure Seems Like It

The liberal media just doesn't know what to do with Ted Cruz.

When Dependence Is Encouraged – This Is What You Get.

Jesse Watters asks the folks about unemployment in the United States

Number Of Full-Time Jobs As Percent of Population Is Lowest It’s Ever Been

Gallup CEO: 13 Million Jobs Lost - Only 3 Million Created Under Obama

Food Stamp Sign-Ups Outnumber Jobs Created in Obama’s Illinois

By Warner Todd Huston – Breitbart Among the many metrics that show Obama's home state is struggling to break the Great Recession, a new report...

Obama Has Transformed America Into A Freeloader Nation

Investor’s Business Daily The Dole: New data on federal public assistance programs show we've reached an ignominious milestone: More than 100 million Americans are getting...