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Devastating: Harry Reid Gets What He Deserves On The Senate Floor

Harry Reid delaying defense bill with near unanimous support was the last straw for Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

Shocking: Republican Senator Has Profound Insight On The 3 Americans That Have Just Gone Missing In Iraq

Is Obama's Iran deal inviting more kidnappings of Americans all over the world?

Can This Man Lead The Way To Killing Iran Deal?

Sen. Tom Cotton reacts to Iran Nuke Deal on Morning Joe!

Arkansas Senator Has Quick Fix To Stop Sanctuary Cities

Republican explains push to cut law enforcement grants on 'Hannity'

Have America’s Enemies Ever Had It So Good?

Is Obama Is All About Surrendering America?

Sen. Tom Cotton Responds To Backlash Over GOP Letter To Iran

Lawmaker says goal is to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon

Sen. Tom Cotton On Why The US Should Preserve Gitmo

Sen. Tom Cotton faces criticism for rot in gitmo comment, what do you think?

Sen Cotton: Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Can Rot in Hell

Sen. Tom Cotton is fired up about releasing prisoners from Guantanamo bay.