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Nasty: New Trump Ad Implies Bill Clinton Is A Creepy Predator

Former nursing worker under the Clinton Administration, Juanita Broaddrick, was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton when he was in office. This new Trump...

Fact Check: CNN Takes A Closer Look At Hillary’s Email Scandal

Jake Tapper goes after Hillary and her most pressing scandal.

Exposed! Facebook Was Caught Deliberately Filtering Conservative Content – GOP Is Outraged

Earlier this week, it was revealed by investigators that Facebook has been deliberately hiding conservative content from its users. The GOP has been firing...

Unbelievable: Here’s How Hillary Feels About Benghazi And Four Dead Americans

Hillary doesn't care even the slightest amount about the Benghazi terrorist attack. She laughs at the whole thing like it's a joke. Here's a...

Never Vote For Hillary – Remember Benghazi

Comic by AF Branco, Editorial Cartoonist

Napolitano Bombshell: State Department Perjury Is Bad News For Hillary

Good news for justice: Hillary's email scandal cover up is PERJURY. Someone in the Department of State covered up Hillary's email server details to...

Clinton Continues To Hide From Scandal Accusations

You can't hide forever, Hillary!

Guffaw: Hillary Responds To Investigation With Familiar Inappropriate Response

She refuses to admit even being sloppy about security of classified secrets.