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Devastating: Harry Reid Gets What He Deserves On The Senate Floor

Harry Reid delaying defense bill with near unanimous support was the last straw for Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

Bush League: President Obama Rips GOP Candidate To World Leaders

Obama at Japan G7 Summit breaks presidential tradition of leaving US politics at home.

Louder With Crowder: Fairness Is Not Justice

In this clip, Steven Crowder uses a real life, relatable, example to explain the difference between "fairness" and "justice." This is an issue that...

Yes, Hitler Was A Liberal Socialist – Louder With Crowder

Guess who embodied liberal socialism?... Yeah, that's right, HITLER.  Steven Crowder explains democracy, liberal socialism, and why our country is NOT a democracy.

After Meeting With Donald Trump, Paul Ryan Is “Encouraged” About GOP Unity

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, met with Donald Trump yesterday about unifying the Republican Party.  Paul Ryan was at first hesitant to support...

Exposed! Facebook Was Caught Deliberately Filtering Conservative Content – GOP Is Outraged

Earlier this week, it was revealed by investigators that Facebook has been deliberately hiding conservative content from its users. The GOP has been firing...

George Bush: Foul Ball

Comic by AF Branco, Editorial Cartoonist

Harriet Tubman Is A Republican Icon For Our Money – ZoNation

Alfonzo Rachel explains the new change in our currency - as only he can.

Hillary’s Path To The White House

Comic by AF Branco, Editorial Cartoonist

Famous Actors Put Obscene Amounts Of Money Into Politics

Listen to this famous actor talk about the outrageous amount of political funding going on in Hollywood.