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Bush League: President Obama Rips GOP Candidate To World Leaders

Obama at Japan G7 Summit breaks presidential tradition of leaving US politics at home.

President Obama Is In Vietnam Apologizing To Communists

Mark Levin calls out Obama as his apology tour moves to asia. President Obama is a sick man. He is trashing our...

Faces Of Obama

The third term's a charm... Comic by AF Branco, Editorial Cartoonist

Speak Of The Devil…

Comic by AF Branco, Editorial Cartoonist

Family Feud: Obama Publicly Denounces Hillary Clinton While Giving Bernie A Pass

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner was not kind to the leading Democratic Candidate.

State Of Denial: White House Blames Obama Economy On Somebody Else

After nearly eight years maybe its time to admit policies are not working.

Obama’s Apology Tour

Comic by AF Branco, Editorial Cartoonist

Bill Clinton In The News Again – This Time He Bashes Obama’s Economy

Bill Clinton can't seem to stop making himself the news during Hillary's campaign.

Defense Expert: Sending Only 250 Troops To The Middle East Is A ‘Joke’

KT McFarland sees right through this latest "use" of our troops. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

Did Obama Stage This Question? Student Reveals Gender Issue So He Can Conveniently Advance His Agenda

An emotional student came out as "non-binary" transgender to President Obama at a town hall in London.