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Islamic Terrorists Are Killing People and Obama is Lecturing Us Like WE Are The Problem [Mark Levin]

It’s time to stop talking about defeating the enemy. It’s time to do it.

TERRIFYING: These “Refugee” Gems Should Have No Problem Assimilating To The U.S. Right?

Hat tip the gateway pundit! Masked migrants are caught on video chanting “Allahu Akbar” at a rally in Germany with sticks and pipes.

Even Far Left Maher Doesn’t Understand Obama’s Absurd Position On Ignoring Islams Role In Terrorism

Bill Maher: This Idea That We Cannot Even Call It Islamic Terrorism Seems Orwellian To Me

Where Did Obama Go To Church? Where Would He Get Such Ideas From?

Obama having to go back 800 years to make the case for all religions are cruel terrorists. This was not OK Obama!