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Taliban Appoints New Leader, Old Leader Killed In Airstrike

The leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Mullah Mansour, was killed a few days ago in an airstrike. The Taliban appoints Haibatullah Akhunzada as...

Massive ISIS Attack: Bombs In Baghdad Kill Many Civilians

Isis detonates three car bombs in a market in Baghdad, Iraq. The terrorist attack killed 63 innocent civilians. Additional American troops are to be...

U.S. Navy SEAL Killed By ISIS Today In Northern Iraq

Earlier today, ISIS pushed past Kurdish defense lines and attacked American forces who were assisting the Kurdish fighters. ISIS was well prepared for...

The One Video ISIS Doesn’t Want You To See – Hat Tip To Vocativ

New footage from a battlefield in Iraq shows a clumsier, panic-stricken side of ISIS.

Kurdish Fighters Show ISIS How They Deal With Suicide Bombers [RAW FOOTAGE]

Kurds destroy a suicide bomber's truck filled with explosives coming at them.

Defense Expert: Sending Only 250 Troops To The Middle East Is A ‘Joke’

KT McFarland sees right through this latest "use" of our troops. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

Just Released: This Scary Map Reveals How Many ISIS Suspects Live In Your State

Knowledge is power people. Don't be caught ignorant in this time when our country needs to be on high alert.   ISIS Suspects by State...

Islamic Terrorists Are Killing People and Obama is Lecturing Us Like WE Are The Problem [Mark Levin]

It’s time to stop talking about defeating the enemy. It’s time to do it.

Michelle Bachmann Writes Open Column Slamming Obama, Saying God Sent Terrorists To Brussels So Obama Would…

She's a fierce woman and a force to be reckoned with! This is what she wrote on Obama's untimely trip to Cuba. Or maybe our president’s...