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Devastating: Harry Reid Gets What He Deserves On The Senate Floor

Harry Reid delaying defense bill with near unanimous support was the last straw for Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

Hypocrisy At It’s Finest. Do All Libs Switch Their Views For Political Gain?

Harry Reid said in 1993 what Republicans say now about Illegal Immigrants

Welcome To The New GOP Majority

Typically, the majority party will manipulate the floor process, but...

So Funny! A Very Harry Fight

In the ring with dirty Harry...

What Harry Reid Called All GOP Candidates is Pretty Low

Harry Reid's dirty politics, and he needs to go now

Varney Gives His Take on Harry Reid’s Lies

No Honor In Corrupt Washington DC

Harry Reid Proud He Lied About Romney’s Tax Record

Retiring Senate Minority leader has no regrets as he crows, Romney didn't win did he?

Limbaugh On Reid: I Don’t Believe For A Minute He Was Injured On Exercise Machine

Perhaps Dingy Harry Had A Few Too Many Drinks And Took A Header Down A Flight Of Stairs?

McConnell Uses Reid Trick Against Conservatives

Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who today boxed out conservatives to reinstate funding for Obama’s executive amnesty.