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Live Footage: Trump Winning New York Primary

See what Trump has to say to New York as the votes are pulled in, securing his victory.

This Is Why Alfonzo Rachel Refuses To Endorse A GOP Candidate

Zo not interested in promoting a candidate.

AWESOME: Watch Senator Marco Rubio’s Dramatic Push For A ‘New American Century’

Presidential hopeful goes on 'Special Report' to discuss the Pope's views, GOP opponents and his record.

How Many GOP Presidential Candidates Can You Name?

Watch: Interesting and funny!

Art Laffer Goes On The Record Saying This About Ronald Reagan And Donald Trump

GOP candidates are focusing on the right issues for the 2016 election

Cruz Schools Mika On MSNBC

Run Cruz Run! How Nice Would It Be To Have A Conservative President. We Have Not Had One Since Reagan.

Should Scott Walker Be The Republican Presidential Nominee?

Wisconsin governor signs right-to-work legislation

Do You Want Cruz To Be The GOP Presidential Candidate?

Can't Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism when Administration is 'Unwilling to Utter the Words Radical Islamic Terrorism'