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Trump Clinton Race Will Be The Nastiest Campaign Of All Time

Expect a lot of absurd personal attacks during and outside of the presidential debates if the race for presidency ends up being between these...

Mainstream Media Fears Trump Will Destroy Clinton On This One Subject

The Clintons have never dealt with a rival who will fight back this hard.

Trump’s Sausage Factory

Comic by AF Branco, Editorial Cartoonist

Ted Cruz Talks Strategy For Winning The Election

How Can Republicans Win This Election? Ted Cruz Tells It Straight.

Watch What Happens When Glenn Beck Confronts Rand Paul In A Major Way

From The Blaze: Glenn Beck confronted Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Monday about why he has opted to “turn his guns” on 2016 rival...

Watch This CNN Host Call Out Marco Rubio On The 60 Votes He Has Missed

MARCO RUBIO: Well everyone needs to run their own campaign...

WATCH: This Is Why Ben Carson Says He Wouldn’t Host SNL If He Becomes President

Because being President is... Do You Think Carson Will Win In Iowa?