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Hillary Clinton Makes A Lot Of People Upset With Her Ridiculous Comments

See how this coal miner responds to Hillary's comments about "putting coal miners out of business." It's really quite sad that Hillary has...

State Of Denial: White House Blames Obama Economy On Somebody Else

After nearly eight years maybe its time to admit policies are not working.

Unions Raise Minimum Wage for Hidden Agenda

Matt Kibbe discusses the consequences of unions increasing the minimum wage in Los Angeles to $15/Hour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6ep01BrV80

Bill Clinton In The News Again – This Time He Bashes Obama’s Economy

Bill Clinton can't seem to stop making himself the news during Hillary's campaign.

3 Reasons Why Retirees’ Confidence In U.S. Economy Is Starting To Drop | Fox News Video

This makes sense. Who knew a shift like this in the economy would be possible!?

Watching This Reminds Us Of A Time When Paul Ryan Actually Stood For Conservative Principles

He calls out Obama, saying Obama's trying to divide our country to distract from failed record.

Oh No! Watch Mark Levin Speak About This Horrible De-Growth Movement

Mark Levin: Attack on capitalism is an attack on liberty.

WATCH: The Pope Boldly States His Controversial Agenda On Social, Economic, And Political Issues

When the Pope speaks before Congress he should bring up the Democrat Party's support for infanticide!