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Devastating: Harry Reid Gets What He Deserves On The Senate Floor

Harry Reid delaying defense bill with near unanimous support was the last straw for Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

Nasty: New Trump Ad Implies Bill Clinton Is A Creepy Predator

Former nursing worker under the Clinton Administration, Juanita Broaddrick, was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton when he was in office. This new Trump...

Good Grief: MSNBC Host Names The Wrong Bill On Sexual Assault Charge

The Hillary campaign cannot be very happy about this slip of the lip.

Trump Clinton Race Will Be The Nastiest Campaign Of All Time

Expect a lot of absurd personal attacks during and outside of the presidential debates if the race for presidency ends up being between these...

Wow: Bill Clinton Sure Sounds Like Donald Trump On His ‘Biggest’ Issue…

Democrats have no core values - just positions that change when needed. Here's yet another example...

The Press And Donald Trump

Bill O'Reilly explains why American voters should be careful about what they hear from mainstream media with regards to Donald Trump.

Gov. Rick Scott Calls On Congress To Approve Zika Funding 

Governor Rick Scott urges congress to approve a bill that will fund the research for a vaccine or cure for the Zika virus.

Crooked Hillary Doesn’t Care About Morals At All

In this clip, Hillary shows her true colors as she sugar-coats Bill Clinton's infidelity. She doesn't care about her husband's affairs at all. ...

Change This One Setting On Your iPhone, You Might Reduce Your Phone Bill By 50%

For those of us that have iPhones, we know how expensive our monthly bill can be. Now with this new iPhone feature, our bills...