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Nasty: New Trump Ad Implies Bill Clinton Is A Creepy Predator

Former nursing worker under the Clinton Administration, Juanita Broaddrick, was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton when he was in office. This new Trump...

Good Grief: MSNBC Host Names The Wrong Bill On Sexual Assault Charge

The Hillary campaign cannot be very happy about this slip of the lip.

Wow: Bill Clinton Sure Sounds Like Donald Trump On His ‘Biggest’ Issue…

Democrats have no core values - just positions that change when needed. Here's yet another example...

Mainstream Media Fears Trump Will Destroy Clinton On This One Subject

The Clintons have never dealt with a rival who will fight back this hard.

Crooked Hillary Doesn’t Care About Morals At All

In this clip, Hillary shows her true colors as she sugar-coats Bill Clinton's infidelity. She doesn't care about her husband's affairs at all. ...

Bill Clinton Interrupted By Protesters During Rally – He Doesn’t Care

Protesters Interrupt A Bill Clinton Rally In West Virginia

Bill Clinton In The News Again – This Time He Bashes Obama’s Economy

Bill Clinton can't seem to stop making himself the news during Hillary's campaign.

Bill Clinton’s Former Mistress Demonstrates How Bill Used To Snort Cocaine Off Of Her Coffee Table

This is a bad way to kick off the week for the Clinton campaign...

Sickening: Hillary Clinton Hysterically Laughs When Talking About Bill’s Infidelity In Their So-Called ‘Marriage’

Geneva Ridgefield discusses how people she meets complain that Hillary Clinton has lied.

Desperation Time: Watch Bill Clinton Slam Obama’s ‘Awful Legacy Of Last 8 Years’

Monday, Clinton seemed to tear down Obama to boost his wife.