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Family Feud: Obama Publicly Denounces Hillary Clinton While Giving Bernie A Pass

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner was not kind to the leading Democratic Candidate.

Going Viral: Trump Releases 1st TV Ad Of 2016 Primary Season And It’s Making Obama’s Head Spin

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are feeling the pain because of this...

Long-Time Hollywood Celebrity, David Spade, Rips Barack And Michelle Obama A New One

He sounds pretty frustrated over what the President and First lady are gunning for with regards to their future career in reality television.   Helga Esteb...

Watching This Reminds Us Of A Time When Paul Ryan Actually Stood For Conservative Principles

He calls out Obama, saying Obama's trying to divide our country to distract from failed record.

Obama’s Attorney General Makes Strange Move After Muslim Terror Attack

Loretta Lynch makes clear she will protect one group after San Bernardino attacks - but not Americans.

Rush Limbaugh Makes Rare TV Appearance And Exposes Who Obama’s Public Enemy #1 Really Is

Rush does rare TV appearance to address grave concerns about Obama.

Shocking: Rush Limbaugh Just Revealed This Terrifying Link Between ISIS And Barack Obama

Don't expect this president to accept any connection between him and the start of ISIS on his watch.