Sen. Ted Cruz at Heritage Action Defund Obamacare Town Hall





  1. Nearly 70% of the voting population does NOT want anything to do with Nobamacare. Majority rules!

  2. How many of you have signed a contract without reading it?
    Apparently, our elected officials signed the Affordable Care Act without reading it, and as you have now seen these same elected officials petitioned to allow themselves to not be included in the Affordable Care Act. If this was such a good contract, what are they afraid of?
    The media and the current administration will paint the upcoming debate on funding government as “the sky is falling” Social Security, checks won’t go out, Medicare payments won’t go out, etc. In respect to social security and medicare, these are trust funds so where are the facts to support the possible statements that these two items will not be funded?
    It sounds like these two cookie jars have had hands in the jars and the jars are empty! Whose hands do you suppose have been in the jars?

  3. Not even fully implemented yet, it is already trying to suck our pockets and savings dry, and it won’t stop if it is fully implemented. The fact is, there is not enough funding (not to mention not enough understanding of the law) to make it successful which will require government to come after us to make up the short falls. It was a disaster even as it was being written. Knowing that, and knowing how jobs and premium rates are already being affected, why in the world would we want this law hung around our necks? Why would we want to be punished then for being unable to comply with a law that is all wrong, and wrong for all the reasons given for its existence and in spite of the failed promises offered? We cannot be that stupid!
    Defund it until it can be fully repealed. There has to be better ways to accomplish the job of health care reform, but it certainly can’t be done the way Obama and the democrats are attempting to do it.

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