Obama White House Policies Invite More Illegal Immigration



Investor’s Business Daily

President Obama has talked up the DREAM Act of amnesty for young illegals and browbeaten Congress to pass it, using executive orders when it didn’t. He’s also let it be known he’s not enforcing U.S. deportation laws.

Now we have a full-blown refugee crisis. They’re convinced that amnesty is theirs if they just reach U.S. soil.

Nobody needs to remind them that this is potentially disastrous — 14-year-old children shouldn’t be traveling alone, let alone through Mexican cartel territory by themselves. They risk robbery, murder and human slavery, if they aren’t forced into the drug trade.

So are the U.S. embassies in those countries warning locals about those dangers? Not in the least.

On the U.S. embassy website in Guatemala, the front page has a link to Obama’s campaign website, which opens to a page reading “our immigration system is broken,” in quite an enticing message to would-be illegals.

Over in El Salvador, the U.S. ambassador, Mari Carmen Aponte, is a former board member of La Raza, known for its advocacy of illegals as well as pushing immigrants to become Democrat voters.

Any sign she’s trying to discourage anyone? Not at all.

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  1. It’s not just illegal immigration is invasion of a foreign Country and when
    a President encourages a foreign Country to invade his Country and gives
    the invaders rewards for doing so that is the Highest Treason any on earth
    can do! Americans should never stay silent and allow such hostile destruction
    take place!

  2. By passing and enforcing laws that allow illegal aliens amnesty and freedom to break into and flood his country is the most treason’s act any President
    of the U.S. has ever committed. Past president’s would have been convicted
    to hang, and surly would be arrested and have to serve life in prison if not the death penalty

  3. he wants to swam the u.s. with illegals , because he is an illegal. and they all come from dictatorships and will welcome him and help destroy our grate country

  4. What are the rest of our elected officials doing about illegal immigration, since our President does not believe in his oath of office?

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