Most powerful ads of the 2014 midterms





  1. Phillip,
    I live in Texas and voted early. And I voted straight republican with pride. Why? Because we have good conservative candidates. The national elections may be a different story. I’m sick and tired of holding my nose to vote for RINOs and supporting a party that despises conservatives. I’m not saying that I won’t hold my nose again. But, when is enough, enough? When and how do we get the inside the beltway republican attention that we are tired of their cowardess acts? It has to start somewhere sometime.

    • Mike,
      I’m with you 100%……That being said, if I decide that I just don’t like the Republican candidate, so I’m not going to vote at all…….To me, that means you just cast your vote to the opposition party…..Many felt that way about Romney and decided to just sit it out……… Need I remind you who they helped elect?….I’d rather make a not so good decision, than to make a horrible one by doing absolutely nothing……..Thanks Mike…….God Bless!

  2. I’m sure sick and tired of all the nasty attack ads also, but I’m sure as he// not going to stay home……..Don’t be a selfish spoiled rotten brat…..Get out there and vote, no matter who you vote for…..Many brave men and women gave their blood and lives so you could have that distinctive right to vote……It’s an honor and your civic duty.

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