This Christmas Obama Got Everything He Asked For From Santa Claus aka Paul Ryan


And Obama is just delighted. Sen. Jeff Sessions exposes the sad truth that Paul Ryan has indeed sold out to the DC establishment.

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  1. Every single day we are shown over and over that we the people are not who our elected serve. We are the furthest from their minds unless they see how we can be duped and used and find new ways to drain all the money they can from the American taxpayer. They serve for power and money. Paul Ryan is just another slick politician that has learned well how to lie through his teeth to reach the pinnacle of wealth …at our expense and to the detriment of our nation. He needs to be shown the door, the same door Pelosi and Boehner used to exit the House leadership, and we’ll sort through them one by one until we find one strong enough to do the job for us.

  2. I guess I will have to change my political party, at least when you vote democratic you know you are getting screwed,with these rino’s it just takes a little longer, what a waste of oxygen. McConnell and Ryan ought to be tried for treason.

    • CHRIST+MAS, you have Christmas. If you celebrate Christmas you are either honoring JESUS CHRIST or are deliberately dishonoring HIM. Such a small percentile are worshiping JESUS CHRIST when going “all out” at Christmas. Watch the WH activities. GOD and HIS SON know exactly who honor HIM and those who do not; those who are having the time of their life partying and having fun without a thought of JESUS CHRIST or GOD

  3. We no longer need a republican party. Send all those bastards home. Ryan just elected hillary

  4. Ryan sold us out as all I knew he would.He doesn’t give a wit about the people nor what we want.Ryan gave the country over to the illegals,and expects us to be happy about it.

  5. I amvery very sorry that our Congress who we elected is so wishy washy and not standing up for we Americans — I think they are leaning toward all that Obama wants — I am very disappointed in our Speaker and thought he was for us but again he is one of the biggest disappoints — I would have never voted for him to be president as he would have been another Obama. Why do we have laws and the Constituion if they are going to be broken like Obama has — Congress has not done a thing to stop all of his craziness

  6. I am so disappointed in our congress and our elected representatives. We need to elect good men and women who have indissoluble character. We must stop the rape of our nation, It will not be easy because they use the laws they created to work against us.

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