Dr. Carson Explains Why Planned Parenthood Targets African Americans


Remarks About Planned Parenthood Start At About The 1:30 Mark

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  1. I really do not what is wanted here, I tell it like is is and am immediately deleted. They should make their intentions easier for Christians to understand.

    Exodus 20:13 Thou shall not kill!!

  2. Historically, many advocates of birth control and abortion *were racist.* Today I believe PP is much more elitist than racist, but unfortunately, in the places where Dr. Carson has lived, it tends to look about the same.

  3. Ben Carson may have just cost himself any chance at a White House run with his latest comments.
    There are many that see these comments as “Racist” and inciting more violence towards the white American.
    The first mistake made in America was electing Obozo, the second was electing this POS to a second term. Those who worship this narcissistic moron are contributors to the moral and racial decline of America’s values and world trust. So now, because of the largest blunder ever made in American history, the pendulum must swing far to the right to balance the scales-truly a sad day in American history. And now this disgrace of a President wants 1 billion, yes billion dollars for a Presidential Library. This is a totally assinine assumption on BO’s part to think that American Taxpayers should finance his “rainbow” tainted Library. This joker of a President is trying to pass a check with his bloated ego and not his head-this will NOT fly! Once this putz is out of office, the WH needs to be fumigated and burned to remove all traces of his egomania Presidency.

    • Anytime that you speak against the “black people”, you are a racist, this is because, accusing against the white race is only the truth.

      Socialists, have sworn to reduce world population and we will notice that many people are murdered and murders are getting away with it. The elderly are dying, anyway and that takes care of that end of life. What can be done about population growth, what better way but kill the humans before they get into the world just dig them out of their protected place and do away with them, before, they draw their first breath, if any one of them is breathing the monsters take care of that, too. Remember the man doing time right now for eliminating these that may breath? We have quite a few like him still at work.What will we do about them??

    • I’m sorry if you see his comments as racist. (I can’t hear video and was hoping to read a transcript, so I’m not sure what exact words you’re referring to, but he’s *not* a racist.) I’m also sorry that so many members of ethnic minorities believe counsellors and social workers who recommend abortion are racist. What I’ve observed is that the idea that a teenaged girl *can’t possibly* keep a baby, and should “choose” to abort it rather than even put it up for adoption, is selectively targeted to *low-income* young women whether they’re White, Black, Cherokee, all or none of the above. It is *elitist.* I don’t blame Dr. Carson for thinking it’s race-specific, though, because from where he’s been standing, that *is* what he would see.

  4. The decision to elect a black person as president of the United States was one of the greatest decisions made, The Big problem was, we choose the wrong black person, not once, but two times. People wanted a black person as president, so bad that they neglected to listen to what people that investigated him were finding out. I Love Ben Carson a black person, and I believe he will make a great president, and make this country Great and Strong, that we will be respected once again, and he will accomplish that by speaking softly. with a smile on his face, and with no big stick in his hand!!!

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