Watch This And See If You Think Electing Dr. Ben Carson As President Is The Answer


Great Q&A With Dr. Ben Carson. Someone Who Believes In A Smaller Government Sounds Very Refreshing!




  1. Ben Carson is a wonderful person but I would prefer Dennis Michael Lynch. He is a successful businessman who is not a Politician. He is the only one saying he will “deport” the illegals and has a plan to secure our borders. He is a fighter who will not give up on America. Check him out on Everyone should see his films on illegal immigration and the bias of the news media even if you don’t plan on voting for him. We must hold these politician’s feet to the fire…

  2. Dr. Carson has the brains and drive to make improvements and corrections.
    He is one of several who can improve/change the rotten politics of Washington, DC.
    My hope is that people like Walker, Cruz,Jindel , Carson can be used in so many ways in the next president cabinet if not the presidency. All of them are very good.

    • There is a prophecy that was given early in 2014 giving clues to a new president rising right now — before he had even decided to run for office. After researching the clues they all pointed to Ben Carson who later in the year stated he would run only if the Republicans won back the Senate — and they did. Thereafter he switched from Independent to Republican. The prophecy did not give his name but stated he as president will come up with a brilliant way to restore our economy. He will also unify the nation under the banner of “one nation” (which happens to be the name of Ben Carson’s book). He will also be a strong supporter of Israel (which is absolutely critical for America’s survival with the ‘Gog-Magog’ war coming up followed not long thereafter with Armageddon). The caveat in the prophecy is that if we don’t elect him for the position, the cabal will try to put a “witch” in the White House (sounds like Hillary to me; God forbid she ever gets into office!!!).

  3. I have a very high opinion of Dr. Carson but I could never vote for any one that wants gun control. Never will the people of the United States ever give up their guns even if it meant a revolution .Congress and the Senate would do well to give up their attitude of thinking the people work for them and start working for the people We will be patient just so long and then the Elitist attitude shall be their removal

    • That is the main issue that would keep anyone off of my list. Ben Carson is in the medical field, certainly not in the political field.

  4. There is very little doubt Dr Carson is an exceptional person and could make a president many times better then the current racist person some ignorant Americans voted into the office (twice) of president of the United States of America, namely barack obama. However, there is also little doubt Scott Walker is hands down the best hope to get America back on track. His record proves that as fact.

    • We need a great leader. Living in Texas I really believe that I can trust Ted Cruz to listen to the voices of the people and hold true to his word. With the current administration, I have NO trust for anyone in office but Ted and that’s saying a lot about him. I’ve heard many good things about Scott Walker and if we can get him and a comparable running mate on the ticket I will vote for him. Anyone that will work against the current communist NWO agenda and for our American Constitution and Sovereign nation will get my vote. We need someone in our government that has good common sense and understands and supports American values, and the greatness we once were but have lost in the last few decades. That leaves out every single Democrat and RINO. If the GOP puts the later on the ballot I will vote for an Independent, Libertarian or I’ll write in Scott Walker and I hope that all Conservatives will follow. Right now, I don’t fully support Ben Carson, Sara Palin or Rick Perry as Presidential candidates, but they might be good VP’s. I certainly don’t want any that the GOP is trying to hand us i.e. like Bush, Christy and other socialists turn-coats that supports the globalist elite or the UN. I want Obama IMPEACHED & OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE YESTERDAY!!

  5. First of all I am a racist. Because I simply don’t like Obama. Now let me clarify this as to not give you the wrong idea. The democrats say if you are against Obama then you are racist. Well Let me tell you something I have lots of Black friends and put Ben Carsons name on the ballot and see how fast I vote for him. Racist no just a realist which means get rid of Obama as fast as possible.

    • Anyone who would even consider a vote for any Black politician is out of their minds. No matter how good they appear or what qualifications they claim to have, just remember how Obama sold you a bill of goods. He has set the black movement back many years. And that is sad because I’m sure there are some who would deserve the opportunity. But after this current POS how could you ever trust a slick speaking black candidate?

  6. He is a FRESH breath of air. While he is a very smart man, he talks about correcting thing with good old comon sense! He reminds me of the only good president we have had in the las 100 years, Me Reagan.

    Douglas Kimberling



    • I agree but with one exception. In the last 100 years we have had two excellent presidents. It appears you know about Reagan and he certainly was. Check out Calvin Coolidge’s record and see if you still think there was only one. I submit there was two, Reagan and Coolidge. Ever heard of the roaring twenties, he is the one responsible for the good times in spite of the eighteenth amendment to the constitution January 16, 1919. He was the VP of Harding and when he died in 1923 became president. Elected in 1924. Check it out.

  7. I was planning on supporting Dr Carson. However, since learning of his stance on gun control and the 2d Amendment, I’m putting my support to Scott Walker.

  8. I will never vote for anyone who is for forced, mandatory vaccinations. So,Dr.Ben Carson is off my ballot.

    • Sorry, but this man has 3 strikes against him already. Favors gun control, forced vaccinations, and no track record of how he would REALLY vote, given the opportunity. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Nothing to see here despite all the pretty promises. We have been there and done that in 2008. Wake up America!!

  9. The best of the best: Ted Cruz, Allen West, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Mike Lee.
    Scott Walker President. Allen West Vice President ( military)Ted Cruz should be speaker of the house if not President and Rick Perry Ted Cruz and Scott Walker and Allen West are capable of all the above! Out with the old career political sewer rats and in with the new! Then maybe the democrats will follow and we can get people who can work together for the good of America!Eliminate the IRS and replace with a Flat tax!!!!

  10. Ben Carson is a good man but because his profession, he’s for gun control, Scott Walker has done wonders for Wisconsin, the MAN has guts, balls, spine. he doesn’t have a degree but fraudscumbama, the wicked LOOTING muslim has one that has been used to rape, LOOT America.

  11. Either Dr. Carson or Colonel West would be great for this country and even better if both were on the ticket.

  12. I would have to say that Obummer has so denigrated the black race that people will not trust another for a long time. While I think Carson is a good man, I don’t think he could win in 2016.

  13. Mr. Carson is a great Patriot of a sound mind.
    I truly believe he should have a high ranking
    Position in our government. However, being
    Elected as President would only embolden the
    Mob like blacks to increase their acts of more
    Cities being destroyed, fulfilling their
    Terror on killing cops. Thinking two black Presidents being elected in a row would make them think they are now totally in full control of our country and there would be no stopping them from the terror they so display. Of course Mr Carson would be against such a disaster. But there would be no stopping the Misguded vengeance by these people as witnessed in the past.

    • But as a VP…a lot better deal than we have been dealt. Would be refreshing to see a man of his culture and knowledge as a leader.


  14. I think the world of Dr. Carson. He is a beacon for commitment, dedication and achievement – an example for all but especially for his race. I don’t see him as president but would sincerely hope him to become a most valuable member of a conservative presidential team post Nov ’16 – should he be amenable.

    • He does need to be in the administration in some position when the GOP gets their heads out of their asses and pick a winner for President. Even as VP.

  15. Sorry, while I would have supported Dr. Carson for President, as time passes it becomes a bit clearer to me that he is not the right person. A good man, yes, but I don’t feel that he is much different from Mitt Romney, another good man, but not as President.

  16. I truly like Dr. Carson, but I don’t think we will ever see election 2016. Obama has set the stage for WWIII, and the finical collapse of the dollar. In the next 6 months to a year. Iran will nuke Israel. China will move to seize the Saudi oil field, to be able to compete with Russia oil output, when the new petro-money is setup by the IMP. Mean while King Obama will direct jihad against all American Christians. Years of Revelations will unfold, and many will suffer.

  17. I feel dr Carson is a better speaker than Obama. he also speaks to his audience, not above them. He talks in a way that everyone understands. He uses common sense that Obama does not have. I would definitely consider him. He’s not coming at you with the past “baggage.” How are we ever going to get past the race thing? Can we just get on with life and be united. Everyone works and oats his own way!

  18. I believe Dr. Carson to be a good man, but the further we go into this process the more I think we need a well-matched team of warrior / patriot and a very savvy and experienced businessman. We have to get this mess cleaned up, both here and around the world in all the hot spots, and I don’t think Dr. Carson is equipped yet for those kinds of challenges, or at least he has not yet said anything to convince me he is capable of waging a multi-front battle which will be requisite of our next president. If the world wasn’t on fire because of what obama has done, Dr. Carson would likely make a very good choice for president.
    Right now we need a proven fighter who understands this enemy and the strategies that need to be applied, as well as a man who actually believes in and champions our Constitution, and knows how to articulate it to everyone, and who will enforce the law. I think everyone needs to think about where we are right now and what it will take to begin overcoming all the damages caused by previous administrations, particularly the one we are currently stuck with, and search for the people who would best fit the bill. Let’s search for those we believe could do the job and who have direct experience, let’s hear what all the potential candidates have to say, but let’s also be sure the candidate we end up with is the best choice for our country, and not just a select few morons. In any case, prepare to whip the socialist democrats a$$es like they deserve for what they’ve done to us and our nation lately, and continue throwing out all the rino’s.
    There are going to be some hard choices to make, without a doubt, but this time

    • I believe Dr. Carson is an excellent speaker, another “great communicator”, and I have supported him financially. However the further we get in this pre-campaign campaign the more I think he is similar to the current president only in that he has no actual government administrative experience. I agree with his political philosophy, but doubt he would be able to do much were he to run and be elected.

      • Agreed. Like most other’s comments here, I feel Dr. Carson definitely has a role to play in a new administration, but I don’t believe it should be as president for the various reasons given. For one thing, he isn’t clear on our Constitution and the specific rights we have within it. He has to re-read those rights and understand them as they were written, not how he interprets them. We’ve had enough of that. What we need is someone who does understand our Constitution and can unite us under it. Col. West fills that bill but can we convince him to make a run again? He is also probably one of the best and experienced military leaders we’ve ever had, and a historian who paid attention to the lessons therein. I’ll say it again, ….I don’t care what color a man’s skin is, but I DO care about the kind of person living inside it. I wish I were a younger man, because I would have enjoyed serving with a man of Col. West’s great integrity and knowledge. I can guarantee he wouldn’t be flying around all over the world at taxpayer expense looking for golf courses or bowing to foreign leaders either. He is a man of real purpose and drive where our country and freedom is concerned, and will always live up to his oath to serve and protect it.
        In any case, I know we have to do better than looking at skin color and start looking at qualifications and real experience, so whoever we choose to lead has to be above reproach and well-vetted.

  19. Personally I think the jury is still out on Carson. I like him, he has a lot to say, but I’m not quite sold on him as president. Maybe in the cabinet somewhere, Surgeon General perhaps. On the other hand, I’m sick of professional politicians who make a career of stealing from us. Cruz,Walker, West of someone stronger knowledge of how DC is screwing us and how to stop it.

  20. I would vote for him in the primar and if
    nominated will gladly vote for him for
    President. He always put good people
    around him just like the great staff of many when he separated the joined at the head twins. Granite being a Doctor/Surgeon is not the same but both
    require a smart man and chooses only the best there is to assist him. A good President looks for good advice and when
    he gets it be able to make his decision and stand by it. He also above all be of good character and that will aid him greatly with other country’s. That is exactly what I believe Dr Ben Carson would be. He Loves his Country and he only wants it to be better.

  21. I’m a Demo. and helped put four of them OUT of office in November including that thing from Louisiana. Now the GOP has to grow a pair and take advantage of the power we helped create for them. I like Carson but there’s not enough background info to warrent a vote from me just yet. I want to see Scott Walker up front and L/Col. West as VP. These are two of the most no nosence people out there in politics and with West’s military background, he would be an outstanding advisor to Walker on foreign policy and help to put into position to head our Department Heads, not like This Muslim did from the White House in appointing all these Muslim czar’s.

    • Congratulations on your conversion. We conservatives aren’t too happy about the Repub. congress but they are all we have. Our nation is controlled by big banks, secret societies and radical billionaires. Voters in America aren’t far removed from those in Russia. We choose between those that big money and political powers put before us.

    • Ben Carson has a lot of proving to do to get my vote. Let’s see some ideas!
      My #1 ticket would be Walker-Pres./West-VP. This would be a no nonsense, smaller government leaning ticket!

        • It’s hard for me to understand your comment when you give no reason to substantiate it. How do you know they couldn’t win?
          Shouldn’t we first hear what all potential candidates have to say and find out how capable they are? What is it you think we need to be looking for in candidates? Things to keep in mind while trying to find the people we need are; we are on a war footing and we currently have no leadership to deal with it. The crisis grows. Who do you believe might be the best and most experienced person to take that leadership role? Our Constitution is being shredded and ignored. The will of the people is being ignored and we are not being represented. Who can help us turn that around? The specter of racism has been revived in all its’ savagery. Who can help us get that stopped? The list is long, and we have to at least hear from those who have some ideas before we can say “they can’t win.” We have to see for ourselves the content of their character, and find out what their experience and capabilities are. And finally, in spite of the color of this current president’s skin and the great damage he has caused, it wasn’t the fault of skin color. It was a failing of proper education and the inculcation of radical ideas. People are taught to hate for a lot of reasons, and it HAS to be us that puts an end to it or there is no future for any of us or our kids and grand kids. There is no room for these unreasoning prejudices anymore if we ever hope to truly be a united country. I don’t care what color a person’s skin is, but I sure as hell care about the kind of person that lives inside it, and we have a lot of people to choose from. Let’s find out who and what they are before we pass any judgements.

    • Yes Scott Walker is are best bet out of all of them running. I dont believe there is a Rino bone in his body.

      • I love what Scott Walker has done for Wisconsin ( I live in Illinois) and wish we had him as our Governor. But, in my opinion, he does not even come close to Dr. Carson. Not it intelligence, not in accomplishments, not in education, certainly not in maturity. Not one person who is considering a run can touch this man in credentials.

  22. I have listened to Dr. Carson speak, and my children were raised listening to his books. This is a good christian man that has a lot of common sense and some really good ideas to help resolve the problems this country has as a whole. He’s not making a bunch of promises that he alone can not keep. He has some real ideas, passion and desire to help this country get back what so many of our ancestors died building. He has a real desire to help US instead of the rest of the world.

    • Sorry Otessa, but I disagree with what you say about Ben Carson. I certainly don’t believe he has been “bought and paid for.” I like a lot of his ideas and am definitely for smaller government and less government spending.Too early to know whether I will vote for him or not but I will consider him.

    • You are correct about the New World Order. Seems no one wants to step out and discuss this. Seems odd doesn’t it? Could BHO be the frontrunner for the NWO?

      • Obama (aka Barry Sotero) has been being groomed for this gig since he was about 20 years old. Regardless of where he was born, his is not an American. He gave up his citizenship to Indonesia as a young man. He went to school here as a foreign student. Why else are his record sealed except to also conceal low grades.
        He is a total fraud perpetrated on our nation by evil men who have planned this lie for decades. Carson knows that, most all of them do but Carson will actually DO something about it.

    • I would like to ask you something. Would you like to see Polio come back to attack this nation? It did not “go away”, nor have any of the illnesses we now have vaccines for. What is the matter with you folks who are against vaccinations? Are you just too young to know what you are talking about? It seems so.

  23. Not a smooth talker as the current president but sounds very honest and makes lots of sense. He’s got my vote.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! We need a man like Ben Carson, as our President. Go from devil to angel! No matter what any naysayers state…this man could run our government with honesty, intelligence, and not too big to surround himself with the BEST of the Conservatives, and Military men that he could find.
      I believe a Carson/West ticket is the only way to go!

  24. In one word NO! He attempted murder when young and he was caught plagiarizing twice, once in college and now in his latest book.

    IMO he would just be another obama and we cannot afford this twice. This nation cannot take anymore from an proven unproductive race.

    • I cannot believe the number of folks posting here who speak negatively about this man He is an absolute Gift to this nation and the very best man we could have as our next president. Do you realize how absolutely brilliant this man is? Have you read his accomplishments as the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins. When he separated conjoined twins he headed a team of 82 medical people for a surgery that went on for 22 hours??? .
      I’ve met Dr. Carson briefly about a year ago at a speech he gave for the Illinois Family Institute. I’ve read his books and watched Gifted Hands and I follow his actions as he prepares for this run. He knows exactly what he is doing and has surrounded himself with other brilliant Patriots who have the absolute best interests of this great nation at heart and they will put us back on track as our Founders truly intended.

    • Prove the plagiarizing!
      And have you not done something when you were very young that would shame you? He was honest enough to tell the whole world about it!
      Would you?

    • The author of the book he supposedly plagiarized denied that Carson committed plagiarism. Another Demo lie!

  25. Like Dr. Carson and he does speak truthfully. But IMHO, we must study all nominees and their positions on issues. Be informed this time and make the right decision! We have a lot of time to do our homework on the candidates!! Just do it!!

  26. Dr. Carson and LCOL West would make a very powerful team and shut down the quacks who scream the Republicans are racist. However we need a new 2016 Conservative Contract with America which is based on the Constitution and not the Communist Manifesto which I would estimate less than 10 million American have ever read. Our Constitution Associateion and Classes here in Southern California are helping hundreds become familiar with these very important historical documents.

    • Negroes have never prospered any area, neither have they invented anything of significance besides (of mostly primitive type music) and have never been known to economically be of benefit to anyone, including themselves.

      To use two examples out of 14 million is practicing racism to an unprecedented, naive and dangerous level. Besides these two have NO integrity if they did not OFFER to prove themselves at even basic entry levels politics.

      This is suspect to me of someone else’s agenda also.

      • You are sick! Full of racism! Blacks HAVE contributed to our nation!
        Go back to your KKK, and leave the rest of intelligent conservatives, to vote for the most decent person for the Presidency!

        • These are facts. And we know they are facts because even today Negroes do not invent anything and never have.

          They have no wonderful buildings, seaports, great cities, cars, boats, planes, trains, watches, etc. , before white man came.

          To be fair neither have Latinos, Filipinos, Thai, etc., to name a few and they are not great countries to this day.

          And no one is addressing why Carson or West will not run in lower offices first to prove they worth. This I find most disturbing.

          And that tells me you are looking at the race and look down on Negroes.

  27. No, I do not trust him, his back ground and family and just a fw action when taking with CBN, tha tmade me feel he is not 100 up right. He has said some good things, true, and has to some degree spoken against some wrongful action within our grov. I just think he maybe for the people America — 50% of the time. And 50% of him is or will be on his own aganda —

  28. i don’t know if he is the answer but he would be worth a try, he speaks the truth and that is more then you can say about oboma

  29. I’m sorry, but as nice a person as Dr. Carson is, he is not the one to bring our country back. We need a leader, someone who can inspire us and lead us to victory. He needs to be a new face, non-political, a successful entrepreneur, some one with experience with what the true problems of this country are, who loves the Constitution and America and is willing to fight for her. Sound like someone Mitt Romney was talking about? I am talking about Dennis Michael Lynch. I invite you to check him out at Check out all the tabs and links and see him as I and all his followers and volunteers do.

    • On the contrary, a non politician is who we need. Someone with common sense and critical thinking skills. Someone who will uphold our laws, not ignore them. Someone who knows the difference between right and wrong and will put the American people first, not illegals, not foreigners. Someone who worked for what they wanted. Excelled and realized that they are responsible for their life and what direction it will take. Ben Carson is that man.

      • Everything you said describes Dennis Michael Lynch to a T. Have you seen his videos “They Come to America 1 &2” and “Ride to DC”? Did you look at the website? Have you listened to any of his talks? Dr. Carson is for allowing illegal aliens to have a way to stay. Dennis won’t. He knows how it hurts the American worker.

    • I agree, perhaps he is as he presents himself, an educated soft spoken man BUT I really want a butt kicker, someone who is not afraid to take on Sir Hillary or whomever they run. I want someone, man or woman with some b**ls, to stand up for America in the world court, not a Warmonger but a true LEADER. Senator McCain bored me to death, Romney had the business experiencing BUT he also shut down in the primary’s. He should have kicked Obama’s butt.

  30. Dr. Carson may be one answer but there are several. There are a lot of good people out there including Carson, Walker, and several others that may not even run. Mike Pence may be one, Allen West, etc.

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