Cruz: If We Nominate Another Dole, McCain or Romney Millions Of People Will Stay Home





  1. I, for one, wanted Romney to win and would still like to see him win. I can’t think of another Republican that is a conservative with enough experience to handle ALL the injustices that need to be corrected. But I alos know that only a republican will get my vote.
    Done with the days of BS from democrats! They need to ALL be fired! They are liars and thieves. With the biggest one sitting in “THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE”.
    After tomorrow he must be IMPEACHED! We must gain control of America back and place it back on the right track.
    So much to accomplish but it CAN BE DONE> Support your conservative republicans to uphold OUR LAWS and cut spending and pork. Close our borders and deport ALL illegals. That is the BEST place to start!

  2. Dammit! I am tired of all this talk. I’ve read most of the what has been written above. I for one am scared to death that this country will elect another Clinton.
    If we Conservatives continue to bitch & bellyache & continue to sit on our butts, we will never have another chance to elect a president (and we will deserve what we get!).
    I look at it this way: You are either a Liberal or a Conservative. We MUST join together at the ground roots level … join your local Conservative organization, elect good people and then support them. Then work for your state GOP … then the national GOP.

    Even if your candidate does not win at the GOP national convention support the one that does.. Then make sure YOU VOTE. Not voting is a vote for the liberal candidate, period.

  3. This country needs to get down on its knees again and stop putting its faith in men. Ask the God of eternity to bring forth a good, Godly man to lead this nation and put His desires into our hearts.

  4. Not so sure that’s the real reason that conservatives have stayed home on election day. It’s been very frustrating to me to watch the apathy of conservatives over the years. Something and/or someone needs to get them fired up to fight for everything that has been systematically pulled out from under our feet over the last few decades – that we’ve allowed to happen right under our noses. Come on people! Get out and vote! And get out and encourage other like-minded conservatives to do so.

    • DON’T? LOOK AT THE PEOPLE, THE MILKTOAST PEOPLE THAT THE REPUBLICAN CENTERAL COMMITY HAS BEEN RUNNING. All except Romney I would NOT Vote for Dog Catcher in my home town of 1100. John Maccain is the most glaring example. He is Nothing more than a has been RINO. I do appreciate his service to the Country. The rest from 2007 are far worst. I ask you to think about it.
      If the people of this country want their country, their “GOD” and their Schools back they Most do this;
      If it is a Denocrat.
      VOTE it out of office.
      If it is a Repubelican.
      Has been in Office for more than Three Terms.
      VOTE it out of Office.
      A compleat Change of people that we send to Office is What , and ONLY What it will TAKE.

  5. Cruz is dead right, and that is why the repuklican party is so fractured, too far left and getting worse every year. The reason is clear, with no term limits, congress has gone down the wrong path of self serving needs and greed for themselves first and foremost, and WE THE PEOPLE are getting screwed.

    We need to clean house of these old rino has beens, this is clear, and Cruz sees it clearly the same way. When the Constitution was formed, it was done so by men who cared only about one thing, WE THE PEOPLE, they never envisioned that politics would become a career as it is now, and this was the only flaw in Constitution. Most volunteered, left lucrative businessess to serve, and none stayed beyond a few years of service, and look at what we have now, a total mess.

    Dole set the tone for career politicians, and look how many of these old rino goats who do nothing for WE THE PEOPLE, but each of them become millionaires off of tax payers backs. McCain wouldn’t even be in congress if not for his capture and being a prisoner in Viet Nam, sympathy vote is what put him in office for he is as dumb as a rock.

    As to Romney, a decent family man with morals, and a self made millionaire, and has experience governing and righting a sinking ship as he did for Olympics, but sadly, he is a whimp to lost last election because he didn’t jump on Obama over Benghazi crisis and then cover up. I respect him as a person, a business man, and leader, but you have to have balls like a Reagan had when he fired all the air traffic controllers for going on strike. No pink lines like Obama, his red line was enforced when he threatened to fire them if they walked out which would have killed airline industry, never mind the dangers it would create. Reagan was the last real leader as president, and to think he was just an actor who cared.

    It is way past due to have a president with balls, and Cruz certainly would be my choice at this point in time. Another Bush or Clinton is so wrong given the fact people are so fed up with direction of country, if they were just honest with themselves. We need new blood, not old rino has beens. New blood who will vote a push term limits is what I will vote for, regardless of party for this is the why the two party system is broken as I see it. Whoever pledges to end the IRS and dump the current tax system along with pushing for term limits and dumps obamacare with a better solution will get my vote. Next it to report accurate unemployment, GDP, inflation, all the economic barometers which WE THE PEOPLE have been lied to about must become truly transparent and honest, not the lies we get now.

    And finally, what everyone should be voting for is to dump Reid who has effectively blocked near 400 passed house bills from even being put to vote by senate, a total disgrace. If for no other reason, repuklicans must take the senate to get rid of this scum in senate. Only then will the recently passed audit the federal reserve bill will get to floor of senate for vote. Ron Paul had been pushing this for decades for he knows as anyone should, the federal reserve is a massive ponzi scheme of epic proportions. This is why Reid has blocked it for years from going anywhere, so remove Reid, and the audit will disclose once agian, WE THE PEOPLE were screwed. There is little gold remaining to back dollar, and when the truth comes out, as Germany recently discovered when the requested the return of their 1,500 tons of gold supposedly held by fed reserve for safe keeping from war times, and fed. reserve didn’t have their gold to return. They delayed and delayed answering Germany, and finally said they can only return 10% on a payment schedule over the next decade, and then defaulted and could only send a partial gold release, and it was not Germany’s original stamped and numbered bars as it should have been. If this doesn’t prove our government is in deep trouble, nothing does. WAKE UP AMERICA, we need honest elected new blood in office, not the pathetic ilk currently looking to run on both sides of fence. PERIOD

    • Why don’t people get this? Ted Cruz had a Cuban father who was NOT an American citizen at the time of Ted’s birth. He is and always will be a Cuban-American and not eligible for POTUS. He is not a natural-born citizen.

    • You are correct Kim. However, it has been reported somewhere between 70 and 90 million people did not vote in 12, most of which were conservative. They as you propose surrendered. I do not understand why or how such a thing could happen. Do these conservatives not love their country? In any case we must do everything possible to keep them from repeating that in both 14 and 16 if it is at all possible.

      Many of those same people (who refused to vote in 12) complain about the fraudulent voting by liberal progressive obama supporters. However, if they had voted as they should have perhaps that fraudulent voting would have been overcome and obama would not have won. It is an unknown but a possibility.

  6. Every none voting Conservative I meet says the same thing:
    “Why bother to vote – – both Parties are the same?”
    THUNDERING Silence by the RNC is not helping the cause!

    • Well you have the answer to that in the white house today. Look at what you get when you refuse to take part in your governments actions.

      There were many who supported hitler who were marched to open pits in Germany and shot in the head also. Consequently, voting is important! Voting is not just a right it is a responsibility!

  7. I just dont get the Republican Party. Until they understand we the people are not for war or world domination, but for building a united america, closing our boarders, trying to get some kind of hold on big government and stop spending like there is no tomorrow ( what is that all about???????). Geez wake up, vote for an individual who has some answers, for common core conservatism. But I wonder if there is such a person

    • So tell me Dave what is it you are looking for in a conservative, how do you think we can preserve peace? By dissolving our military as obama is currently doing to show our enemies we will not attack no matter what. Or on the other hand build up our military and preserve peace through strength.

      Which way would you propose the Republicans go on common core? Support or eliminate it?

      • Don, Dave isn’t listening…he spins the socialist left doctrine mantra…doesn’t know squat about history and like the Germans followed Hitler or the Russians who followed the Marxist leaders like Stalin…both of which show up in the actions of Obama…

      • Don, I just believe that we can preserve peace in the world by keeping our nose out of other country business. No we need our military strong, but on our boarders making them secure. I wonder what we have won in the past 12 years Don. How many countless lives have been destroyed by our leaders??????? and we still have won nothing, except hatred by millions of people from around the world.

  8. The same goes for another Bush. America has had our fill of the political dynasties who are obviously puppets put before us as the only voting choices. Those people such as McCain, both Bushes, and Clintons are presented to the voters as their only choices. These “choices” must be loyal to the puppet masters (NWO fanatics) to be the “chosen one” to get the nomination..

    America needs a person with demonstarted courage and leadership abilities, no previous ties to a party political machine, previous military experience, no political background, strong leadership qualities, and love for America and our constitution.

    I know such a person would have a very difficult time getting on the ballot but some group such as the Tea Party needs to get behind such a candidate.

    • Absolutely NO more Bushes. No more Clinton’s. NONE How much abuse can one nation take? We need a “president,” AND “congress” that will get America back on track and restore our once realized liberty. Rescind the obama executive orders and look at all other executive orders, regardless of who wrote them, that infringe upon Americans constitutional rights and rescind any and all that are either unconstitutional or do not do what they were intended to do. Get the government out of the way of businesses. Stop the deficits, close the border and get this once great nation strong again to preserve peace. Weakness causes exactly what we see going on in the world today under the obama administration. Allow drilling on government land and use the revenue to start paying off the debt. America has been leaderless for nearly six years now and without a leader we will not flourish (or perhaps even survive) as we once did. Restrict welfare. Decrease the size of government and eliminate any agency that oversteps its authority. Examples are the IRS and EPA.

  9. When You Vote
    I have been thinking of everything that has gone wrong in the world. It reminds me of the moral break down among the leadership in our own government, and how they’ve failed and continue to fail U.S. Treating our laws like they are smacking down resting mosquitos, leaving all the blood of Our Patriots behind, without a second thought, then continue on.
    It makes me want to rid my country of even the slightest trace of this of this Communistic, Money Grubbing Machine who are criminalizing and regulating everything in order to squeeze every last dime out of our pockets to fund their war against U.S. Even taxing the air that we breath. The Constitution was created to protect U.S. from this. The majority of all persons in all three branches of government have failed to protect U.S. Their Sworn Duty.
    People that treat our rights and lives with such contempt are no better than punk thugs, who, if were on the street and treated their boss like this, by stealing from him for years on end, and spitting in his face, simply would be terminated. We have to do right by ourselves and end it. Then we can begin again, without people like that, never again with people like that, who have no loyalty to their office, their people, their country.
    We need men with dignity, diligence, honor and dedication to serve U.S. in their dealings of Our Republic. People willing to serve U.S. properly, by allowing honest affairs to go unhindered without criminalizing every action we take. They have begun to criminalize even actions of process that are needed to create products, in order to extort U.S. Look what they did to Gibson Guitar.
    Our constitution was created to stop such extortion. Every man was entitled, it was His Right, to earn a fair wage for his labors, without taxation. People and business were never meant to be extorted. Give up a little freedom for a little safety and you’ll be left with neither, our founders said. We have a right, granted by God, to the fruits of our labors, and it has been snatched from U.S. When people and business were allowed to flourish, every aspect of our existence was improved. Everything grew bigger, better, cleaner, safer.
    Today we bear the brunt of this Marxist takeover and it has crawled into every crack of our lives, and even our bodies. It needs to be cleaned up. Only the white glove treatment will do. All candidates need to be examined, by their word, by their vote, by their actions, and their motivations. If they have any inclination to skirt proper conduct, (being the laws that protect U.S.) we need to look elsewhere. They shan’t be trusted no more, and so, Replaced, complete with convictions. It is them that need their belongings confiscated, not U.S.
    But alas, the people should know better, and by not holding them to task, and allowing it to continue, has become a disgrace. Say, “No More!” Look at how they voted, and what they believe. If they refuse to answer simple questions, they are being dishonest, and need to be voted out. If they have voted wrong, vote against them. If you find them morally corrupt, vote against them. Their moral obligation is to protect U.S. If they have not done it, say, No More, vote them out, they should be gone, fired, prosecuted.
    Their idea of making things better only makes things better for them, so when they say that things are better and you know they are not, then you know they are talking only for themselves (doublespeak). And it is common in their circles to persuade others to support their goals by using doublespeak. Their idea of making things better is by creating a big restraining order on the people and forcing blight and disease on them, because it fills their pockets (yet they say it is better) only benefitting them. Such smug, smelling rotten, lack of purpose and utter contempt for the good of this country.
    Our idea of making things better, is of God, by doing things right, and giving more of ourselves, because we have more to give, all the while making each other better. We only need to act together, staying strong in what is the truth, and what is right. If their way takes from that, or from U.S., it is wrong.
    “Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law,’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual” – Thomas Jefferson
    Vote informed, the information is at your fingertips. Use it, or lose it, for everyone. You’ll know how to vote if you only look. So Look and See what is going on. Family Research Center is one of many good sites that have information about the candidates views and actions in your area. Get a pad and paper and record who you would vote for according to their policies. It is there to see and use. Take it with you to the polls and make no mistake. This is still your Republic, “if you can (keep it)” protect it.
    Please Share

  10. It wasn’t that conservatives stayed home that elected Obummer it was voter fraud. While it true to many of us didn’t vote ( I did vote) the GOP cost us that election by running men who couldn’t win. Dole was dead in the water before it started. McCain didn’t have a message to present that made any sense and the ONLY reason it was close was because Palin was on the ticket. Romney never connected with the blue collar voter and never will. And the one common thread was they were all RINOs. If the GOP runs another Rino , I might stay home. I don’t know what frustrates me more, the lack of leadership in the GOP or them attacking Tea Party conservatives. Whatever happened to that BIG TENT they use to brag about? I don’t trust the GOP!! They’re just as corrupt as the DNC.

    • Even after the GOP wins the Senate we are stuck with a RINO as the new Senate Majority Leader. Surely the GOP could have a GOP Senate vote to decide this position. Old RINO Mitch looks about as brainless as Reid and he has been invloved in all that has gone wrong with America. The same can be said for the Speaker of the House. We have a RINO in there now. Get someone else in that position.

    • Exactly, from voter fraud to get on ballet in senate race to last election, voter fraud is worse than most will ever know. Just look at all the cases of fraud popping up without evern investigating vigorously due to Holder who shruggs it off as no big deal. Disgusting. PERIOD

  11. Well… I’ve been shot twelve times and beaten till my heart and lungs stopped, have faced Italian hitmen and assassins imported out of New York since 1974 [the ones still alive are hiding], I believe in America and her people as a Sovereign Nation [that’s one nation under God – The One True Living God NOT Allah]. If we do not vote for leaders with honor [and backbone] our rulers will have no honor [and so the want-a-bee rulers we have today have shown us]. If I were to be given the popular vote I would lead America back to freedom and prosperity without violating your security or bending over to or for the elitists. Please remember… the crises Americans face today have been created by the elitists and their puppets to control you and they have no intention of fixing anything. I on the other hand [with your (we the peoples) authority] will not be stopped from bringing we the people back together as one nation [one people] and restoring America as a Sovereign Nation with freedom and prosperity for all [no, I will not offer you food stamps and Cell phones in place of jobs]. Jobs are easy to create but the current ruling class refuses because their agenda is not for a free America. We must return to America… land of the free – home of the brave or continue to be enslaved by a few godless heathen.

  12. The whole of America know that they cheat mitt Romney.however the Republican Party must now choose a candidate who can win in 2016.Oboma policies has been bad for America and the world,and mrs Clinton will be no better.Their policies will continue to sink America.We need America to rise again to her former glory,president Reagan did a good job at that.Find me another Reagan and we would have a great America again.

    • Please don’t waste your Vote, It doesn’t matter which Democrat runs because he/she will just finish destroying the only Republic on earth. I pray to God that the GOP will not do a rerun of Romney because it wont work. But I must Vote for a Republican even though I am truly unhappy with the establishment (rhino’s). it is the only way to take this Nation back, But then we need to replace the cowards that have been kissing Obama’s ass. But we will never make it without God, He is the foundation of the United States of America.

    • You’d be writing in the name of an ineligible person, then, Ladyfloridacracker. He is not a natural-born citizen.

  13. Cruz is right, but this is kind of like putting the cart before the horse.
    What I would like to see is Sarah Palin (if she decides to throw her hat into the ring) as the Presidential candidate and Dr. Carson (if he decides to throw her hat into the ring) as Vice-President.
    I think Palin has proven she can withstand and counter all slanderous accusations either party would level against her-and is a winner.
    Following her terms in office Dr. Carson would be the logical choice as the next President.
    This would lead to 16 years of Conservative leadership in this once great country.

    • How funny and “coincidental” – -I just watched Sarah Palin “live” (herself) on Saturday Night Live! No, I don’t mean “funny” that she might throw her hat in the ring – -I think that would be GREAT!

    • You have it backwards. Dr. Carson on the top of the ticket for eight years. He is 62 right now. Follow him with Cruz or another great Conservative. Carson will unite the nation. He is really an Independent but we have to run on the Republican platform as a 3rd party would split the vote and the Dems win. Dr. Carson does not think Hillary will be the candidate and neither do I really. There may be another nut job from out of no where like we have now They know Hillary will not be able to beat anyone we put up. She is not liked and has tons of skeletons in her closet.

      • Sorry, Cruz can’t run. Why don’t people understand that he is not eligible? And what do we really know what Carson?

  14. Give us a socially conservative candidate and you’ll surely encourage more conservatives to vote. Socially conservative means fiscally conservative. It’s a win win.

  15. This time I don’t think staying home is any kind of a good idea. It never is, of course, but we can’t afford to make that mistake again and find ourselves saddled with another democrap boob that has the potential of doing more harm to our country, and H. Clinton, in my view, would be just as bad as obama. Let’s make sure we get a candidate we know to be in line with conservative values and who will serve with the people in mind, not the party. They are supposed to serve us, not the government cesspool in D.C. At the same time, we have to find the ways to stop all of the voter fraud and make sure those doing it pay the price.
    We either get the right candidates on the ballot and ensure voting is free of mass fraud, or we just as well go into full rebellion against the corruption. I would hope there are enough of us to make the stand against it in all the legal means at our disposal, but the system has degraded so badly that there may be nothing but road-blocks in our way. Any way we look at it, it is up to us, and if it goes on much longer we will not have the legal system to back us up. It’s almost there now.

    • I’m staying home. In 38 years I’ve never voted for a Democrat. I will not vote for the GOP again. They are criminals, or quizzlings who sit by and say nothing against the criminals running the GOP.

      • Dear Clique777, It is people like you who give us the irrisponsible presidents we have had. Maybe you don’t like the candidates, but to not vote for any of them is a vote for them. It doesn’t make much sense, but that is the way it is. I have been voting for 61 yrs. Sometimes I have written in a name. but I still voted. If we don’t use those privilages, we will lose them.

        • I totally agree and I have no real problem with a viable third party but we do not have one!! Vote republican then try to make them listen if not then we can replace the less honorable ones!! I have been preaching, harping, and screaming it is going to take SEVERAL ELECTIOONS to restore the Constitutional Republic!! We must be strong and not faint of heart!! Romney would have been 100$ better than ANY DEMON RAT!!! I didn’t really care for him but I did vote for him!

      • I understand the disgust with the Republican party. I share that as well. Baehner is a lightweight and is spineless and many others are “Democrat Lite”. However as we elect more real conservatives we can change the leadership and the direction of the party. We have no other choice. The future of our country is at stake.

      • PLease, don’t stay home; that’s just giving the bad guys another vote! Even if you have to “hold your nose” and vote for the lesser to two evils, it will have to be far better than what we have now!

      • Clique — You should never say never! Even Romney would have been a better choice than B.O.

      • Sorry Clique, but to stay home and not vote is to vote in exactly the wrong people. If we’re to have any chance at all of straightening this mess out, we have to at least take some reasonable steps to get to the right choice at the most opportune time, and while that may not be this election or the next, we can get to that point if we take the right steps to get there and force action from those we choose along the way. Each successive step is made easier as we go, but not if we fail to vote and simply surrender it to the opposition doing the most damage.
        It isn’t going to happen all at once, and there’s a lot of work needing to be done to get back to where we need to be. We have to look at it this as a battle, and you can’t win it if you don’t fight it. This isn’t the first time in American history where new parties were under consideration and eventually changed things, but it takes time to get there. It might help to understand politics going on in other countries right now too. The people of Great Britain are beginning to swing back to the Conservative side, and it too is in it’s infancy, but the people now see where the Labor party has taken them. They’ve realized their mistake,
        ……and so are we. We know the dem’s are crooked as a dog’s hind leg, so we’re going to vote for the front, or straighter leg of the same dog, until we get the dog re-trained to obey we the people. We either participate in that or we let that mutt run wild. The power to do it is through us and can’t be done without us.

  16. I agree, all listed names are ‘Zero’s’ and should never be listed for office again!

  17. So far it seems as though the Republicans do not have a candidate strong enough to defeat Clinton. America is in deep trouble with all of obama’s crimes and then he will pass the torch to Clinton. obama wins America looses.

    • I disagree, Wayne for if Ben Carson will run, I believe he can beat Hillary. The enemy of the Republican Party is inside it, the Republican National Committee who will do everything possible to get one of their “good ol boys” on the ballot. Thier antics got Obama reelected in 2012 and I personally have had enough. After these elections I will change my Party affiliation to Independent.

  18. BOY That’s a NO SHITER after DOLE,S old ass who kept saying his own name, McCAIN who Flip Fops. I HOPE & PRAY / IT,S BEN CARSON is Calm & To the point when HE Speaks. AND DOSEN,T SPIN a bunch of B S. & ALSO he does NOT OWE ANYBODY. AND will have all the CROOKED A$$E$ shaking I BOTH PARTIES.

    • Very unfortunately, his talent for firing up the enthusiasm of the voters falls somewhere between Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo when what we need is more on the order of Simon Bolivar.

      • ben carson for certain! ted cruz is fine but the media has already demonized him. it would be very difficult to demonize ben carson!

        • Really? When the left doesn’t like someone, they don’t need facts. They simply make up things in order to demonize someone. The press is not on his case yet because he is not yet a threat. Put him on the ballot, and they will be all over him like flies on poop!

  19. Let’s face it folks. Romney really won the last election. Voter fraud by the Demo-rats is why he lost. I am really afraid with the voter fraud by illegals and the voter machines that were found to change a Republican vote to a Demo-rat vote that we won’t take Senate or even House.
    What do you think?

    • Let’s face it. Romney and his goons in the GOP bushwhacked Ron Paul and cheated, deceived, and lied their way into giving Romney the nomination. The GOP’s despicable treatment of Paul in caucus’s made it a certainty that I have nothing in common with that defunct party that needs to go the way of the WHIGs–away! Nothing good will ever come from the Republican Party. The powers that be decide who your candidate will be–not YOU. When will we realize that. THEY give us RINOs on purpose and then WE like sheep vote for them. Why? Because we are the “better” generation. We don’t demand the best or those who adhere to the Constitution. We have been trained to acquiesce to whatever garbage the GOP throws our way. We march off to the polls time and time again voting with our noses pinched shut because the GOP candidate is “better” than the opposition. We will NEVER get a good candidate until WE send a clear message to the GOP that we are no longer in the business of accepting their trash. If that means my not voting, so be it. I’m in it for the long haul and I will no longer take their RINO puppets!

      • Paul has some good ideas but he is a pure Libertarian…..not a Republican. I like many of the Libertarian ideas but I cannot agree with isolationism or total withdrawal from world events. Now his son is another matter. He has many Libertarian ideals but he is a Republican first and he has the attributes to make a good president. He is one of the few who spoke up on how to fix Detroit. What a novel thing….to actually have a concrete idea on how to fix a failing city or economy. Seems to many folks want to talk without substance but Rand Paul puts meat with his.

  20. Ted Cruz wants to be president and is trying to eliminate Romney by listing him with others. First of all, Romney most likely actually won! The Democrats had rigged voting machines, they voted early and often, regardless if you were a U.S. citizen. There has never been anyone more qualified to be president then Mitt Romney–he’s experienced, successful, down to earth (in spite of what the Democrats would have you believe) loves America and is honest to the core.

    • Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and while I agree that he is experienced and I voted for him in 2012, I still am not sure that his first loyalty would not be to the banking cartel and support for the Federal Reserve rather than the American people.

      • You’re believing what the Democrats were successful in getting people to believe. I have good friends that know him personally and they know he would do everything he could to help America! That was the only reason he was willing to run. Who would want such a job with the mess Obama has made of our country, but if anyone could straighten it out it would be Mitt Romney!

      • I wouldn’t classify him(Romney) a RINO but I would say he is a moderate Republican. He is a very smart man and had business acumen which is poorly lacking in today’s politics. He also is an honest man from all I can gather. I’d rather he not run again as I don’t think he can win. BUT I will vote for him should he win the nomination.

  21. Cruz s absolutely right. We need to be dynamic and nominate a “go getter”. We have some very good candidates in the wings but the old party line doesn’t want them in. Need a new spokesman for the party…..the likes of Karl Rowe are not helping our cause. We need the Cruz’s, Paul’s, Jindle’s Lee’s and the like. They(Republican old guard) are saying that the tea party and conservatives are ruining the party…….nay not so. The old guard is ruining the party. We don’t need a mild form of the democrat party posing as Republicans…what we need is strong constitutional leadership to rebuild the Republican party. Welcome the Tea Party to our ranks and lets get our country back. Vote and influence others to vote as well. Encourage our conservatives to speak up and be counted.

    • Neither Cruz nor Jindal is eligible for POTUS. Neither is a natural-born citizen.

      • They can still influence the party and contribute to the conservative cause. Their public support and for unity can go along way. I was aware that Cruz was born in Canada but wasn’t aware that Jindal was born out of the country. Either way it doesn’t change my opinion that they could help tremendously in forming a conservative Republican Party that will be frank and truthful about what is needed to bring the country back on course.

  22. Absolutely. I too would stay home, but if carson and bush were added to the list, I’d vote for the opposition against the party who would make the same mistake with romney that gave obama the election (along with voter fraud, of course). The republicans need to keep up a massive lead to counteract the democrats’ massive voter fraud. VOTE republican folks. It’s a matter of life (of the constitution) or death (of our republic). If we don’t take the senate away from obama, the next two years will be the worst in the history of America.

  23. I believe Ted Cruz is right. I certainly do not believe Jeb Bush (Common Core and Amnesty) is the answer either. If Hitlery runs, it is NOT a time to stay home, however, regardless of who runs.

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