Cocky: Obama Taunts Trump About Who Would Win [video]


David Axelrod interviews President Barack Obama for The Axe Files at The University of Chicago.




  1. Obama is such a arrogant piece of crap… He does not seem to understand that he is NOT great at all… but a loser…he sure has brought our country down and yet he brags he did so much….he is dreaming because all he did was take our freedoms, tax us and regulate us to death… I do hate this man very much…and I do hate arrogant people… and he is definitely arrogant…head up in the clouds about himself…but he is so wrong and most of us know it too well.
    He has done enough evil to us and Israel.. made us more vulnerable and close to a collapse.
    He is so busy right now trying to destroy Israel and start a world war….funny, as that is what the antichrist supposed to do…

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