Bill Clinton Loses It When This Marine Sgt. Calls Him Out At Hillary’s Campaign Rally [Video]


Wham! Start your day off with some honesty. Thank you to this brave Marine Sgt. for calling out Hillary Clinton and making Bill Clinton get real for a moment.

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  1. He really has nerve when first he tells the Marine to sit down and be quiet and then after he ‘s nearly out the door he tells the him to let him answer the question . MEANWHILE THE ENFORCERS PUSH THE VERY POLITE ACTING MARINE OUT THE DOOR.TOO BAD THE WHOLE CROWD DIDN’T ALL JUST WALK OUT THE DOOR AND LET HIM STANDING. WOULDN’T THAT HAVE BEEN A NEWS STORY. Then he blames it on the Marine for not letting GOOD OLE BILL explain. Doesn’t he believe in centrifical force. When large objects moves someone its near impossible to stay in one place.Or How could he stay in one place.
    My friends and I have also been thinking he doesn’t look well. My first thought was cancer but I guess aids/Hiv is a form of cancer

  2. Only reason he removed the Marine is because he was speaking the truth. Clinton did not have the balls to come up with the truth, he needed time to have someone write up responses to cover up what the marine was saying. Hats off to the marine and the woman who spoke up……what is wrong with these ignorant people who sit back and take a blind eye to what is happening to our law enforcement and military……

  3. The fact that Bill is not Man enough to stop them from removing the marine is one thing, but don’t stand up there and continue to lie to everyone including God, because the people know the truth and so does God. May he have mercy on your soul.

  4. A little History lesson for Geoff Forgie above.
    A Dem, FDR missed all the warnings about
    Pearl Harbor. So, your comment about the
    Reps is ridiculous. Learn some more about
    American History before you open mouth
    and insert foot.

  5. The problem is politicians typically tend to have avoiding service in the military and that’s both Democratic and Republican. It’s sad that our military is often misused and abused for selfish reasons. I think we all can agree the military is vital to our existence but it is unfair that our military is utilized frivolously and under false pretenses. Anyone who has been to war would understand how nasty it really is. As far as Trump being the best candidate… I don’t agree. He has yet to define his strategy for effectively accomplishing his plans. I’m concerned about who will be affected by his plans. If you truly assess his past business ventures he is not a proven winner. Honestly, I’m not sure how to fix this country’s current situation bit I do know Trump is not the answer. I’m independent but I think from a republican standpoint, Bush would be more effective. From a Democrat standpoint I think Sanders would be effective.

  6. Shame on those people who booed our marine, too. These people are too indoctrinated to even understand his point.

  7. These two people have every right to question the Benghazi issue. Bill Clinton is a draft dodging ,
    lifelong liar, and who wants him back in the White House ever again! They both should be in
    prison for treason, along with BHO!

  8. Good job! You may be booed but you did the right thing! What a sham the media is that they don’t expose those crooks for who and what they are!

  9. Good ol cigar bill,gets his dander up at a US Marine who fought for his right to stand up there spreading more and more lies for ol puckerpuss. Then he had TGHE nads to tell him if he was the commander in chief he would tell him to sit-down. Wcvhat a complete ahole heu and puckerpuss are

  10. Bill doesn’t look very healthy.
    I would not be surprised to find that he has HIV due to his lifestyle.

  11. What will Bill do when they place handcuffs on Killary? The only thing which will Killary keep out prison is Obama. If Killary go to prison so will Obama right behind her. Maybe they will take Holder, Plomonkey, Ried, and any Rinos which help this gang to do damage to USA.

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