EASTER SONG Enjoy This Very Special Easter Version Of ‘Hallelujah’





  1. One of my all time favorites, & how unique she was in her re-wording, that really told the story in clearer language…also u might enjoy this awesome song sung by the group Il Divo…Hope u all enjoyed a wonderful & heartfelt Easter Celebration…All the best, Paul

  2. So she dresses a little tacky…. She’ll learn as her music ministry grows. Which of you is perfect, cast the first stone. I thank everybody involved with making this and publicizing it. Absolutely beautiful song and voice! ptL!!! Don’t forget, if you really were perfect and sinless, you wouldn’t need the Lord then, would you?

  3. Her rendition of this song brought tears of joy to my eyes. Didn’t even notice her clothes until I viewed for the 3rd time. Actually, I love listening with my eyes closed.

  4. Beautiful voice and words!

    I would caution those judging her choice of clothing the Christ traveled to very “common” persons from Mary Magdalene to Peter.
    As well our family was very harshly judged by other Christians in our hour of need, this led my wife to even an even worse depression than she was already suffering at the time, resulting in great harm coming to my family, including harm by man that was a sheep in wolf’s clothing that my daughter is still in therapy to this day.
    So all I ask is that others step back and think before your judge, even if you think you might be correct, as I know the persons that judged us simple did not know the facts and only caused more harm, even if their intentions might have been OK

  5. Well done. A beautiful story of hope and promise put to one of the most beautiful pieces of music written. Awesome and inspiring.

  6. What a pretty voice and a wonderful rendition….the lyrics are so perfect. Happy Easter to all and may God Bless.


    • Give me a break, Miriam. Close your eyes and smell the flowers. You obviously missed the lyrics; are you hearing impaired?

    • Miriam,

      Do you think our Lord cares how a person is clothed? I don’t believe He does and I know I sure don’t…instead what I see and hear is a young lady with a beautiful voice using the talent God gave her and using it to his glory! I think you need some time on your knees and a little humility. An apology later would be a nice touch too.

    • Geez whiz, not another fashion critic? Get over it, it is probably an informal concert dedicated to what Easter is about, the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Do you see fancy robes on the choir, the director, the pianist or the bassist? No, neither do I. But what do you hear? I hear beautiful voices and musicians giving glory to God, using the talents given to them by Him. You complimented the voice but why the slam on the clothing? Do you think Jesus would do that or even care? I don’t think so. Your apology will be a nice touch.

  8. QUESTION FOLKS: Don’t you think it very interesting that “Hallelujah” in Hebrew is spelled Halleluyah, meaning “praise Yah”(Yahweh)? I’m just saying, perhaps it really is true about the whole world is being deceived by a false religion? I’m just saying what’s really written, not what just about everybody says is written and ISN’T? Therefore, PROVE ALL THINGS WRITTEN IN IT, AS DIRECTED IN IT IN 2 PETER 1:20 and “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE” because our given 6,000 years is just about OVER! WATCH…

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