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The documentary, Present Perfect, by Evan Briggs exposes the Intergenerational Learning School in Providence Mount St. Vincent. This preschool-retirement home hybrid is one of...
yoga poses

Anyone who practices yoga knows its not easy! Especially when the poses involve tricky body positions, or even more tricky inversions. It is ideal...



allen west china military show

Former U.S. Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West on China’s expansion of military presence into the Pacific.
jeb bush fights back

Jeb Bush just couldn’t help himself.
cruz america the weak

Obama secures enough Senate votes to block efforts to stop nuclear agreement
gop weakness

Send Obama a bill and let him Veto It!
dick and liz cheney discuss defending liberty

Get this Book! "Exceptional" by Dick and Liz Cheney!
marco rubio iran nuke deal

Senator and 2016 candidate says he will re-oppose and increase sanctions as president.