*AARP’s support of the Healthcare plan pushed by Obama.


68,000 Defund Petitions Delivered!

Washington, DC September 26, 2013 - Conservative 50 responded to Ted Cruz’ call for a grassroots tsunami to Defund Obamacare by delivering 68,672 petitions to the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Cruz was busy fighting for the American people in a 21-hour marathon filibuster to stop Obamacare funding. So in stepped Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) who met with Conservative 50 Executive Director John Skakel and encouraged the effort to thwart the DC establishment and let the American people be heard.Read More >>

Conservative 50 Delivers 60,000 Repeal Obamacare Petitions

LAKE OSWEGO, OR March 26, 2012 -- Conservative 50 delivered over 60,000 petitions to the US Supreme Court calling for the repeal of Obamacare. Delivery was made Friday afternoon in time for the widely anticipated oral arguments on the controversial legislation. Read More >>

Our founding fathers believed that government should be limited in scope and not infringe on the rights of the individual. This basic principle is being challenged and if we don't stand together our children and grandchildren will pay the price..

Today, the most powerful lobby for seniors is the "AARP". The AARP has become allies with the current administration and their agenda is very clear with their support of the "medical reform legislation". This powerhouse is destroying so much of what has made our country prosperous and free - we must do everything in our power to stop the "Socialization of America", put an end to the fiscal insanity and the assault on our liberties.

Conservative 50 offers an alternative alliance for seniors who do NOT want to support a liberal agenda. We are one of the nations fastest growing alliances of conservatives determined to stop to the destruction of our freedom. By adding your voice to ours we will grow this alliance into a voice that can rival that of the AARP.

Every member counts! We have members in ALL 50 states including Puerto Rico. Annual memberships are just $20 for you AND your Spouse. It just takes a few minutes and your membership fees go back into building the alliance. Join now and start shaping the future of this nation.

  • Join with others to create a powerful voice
  • Enjoy valuable member discounts on supplemental health care, prescription drugs, travel and more
  • Support political perspectives on topics that matter to you
  • Link to our Government Contact Center – Instant access to your Representatives
  • Receive monthly newsletter updates
  • Show the government that AARP is NOT the only senior voice

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